Technical Issues


Go to mySaskPolytech and enter your user ID and password. Select the Student Resources tab, click on the link in myCourses and select your course from the course list.

If you cannot initially log in

  • make sure your caps lock key is not engaged
  • try closing your browser and restarting it
  • if closing your browser does not work, try restarting your computer and logging in again

Here are some possible reasons why you cannot access your learning materials:

  • your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be experiencing difficulties
  • the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Web server may be experiencing difficulties
  • you may have more than one copy of your browser open
  • the Internet may be having a particularly bad day

There are many more reasons that can cause frustration: Internet access is becoming more demanding, telephone lines are slow and servers have bottlenecks. Please explore some of these avenues before contacting technical support.

If you cannot connect to other websites

  • check your cable connections
  • make sure your external modem (dial up, DSL or cable) is turned on and the lights are flashing
  • make sure your modem is configured properly and contact a qualified service technician
  • check with your ISP to see if there are any problems

How do you check ISP connections?

Dial Up Connections

  • the phone line must be connected to the wall jack and connected to the line port on the modem. External modems have an external power adapter that must be plugged into the wall outlet and a power switch that has to be turned on

DSL/Cable Modem Connections

  • cable must be connected from the wall jack to the modem and from the modem to the network card on the computer. Both Cable and DSL modems have power supplies that have to be plugged in. The power switches on the modems need to be set to the "on" position

All Connections

  • are your ISP connection settings correct?  Contact your ISP for these settings

If you have tried all of these options and still cannot connect you may need to contact your ISP or a qualified service technician.