Student Responsibilities and Process

The search for a reasonable accommodation is a shared responsibility among the individual requiring accommodation and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. 

A prior history of accommodation in high school does not warrant the provision of similar accommodations in a post-secondary setting. A student's documentation must demonstrate reasonable evidence that the accommodations requested are required given the nature of the disability.

Here is the process and your responsibilities:

  1. Register your disability and have your disability verified using this form (pdf).
    If you are applying for a program:
    1. Disclose that you have a disability when you apply by checking the "I have a permanent disability" box on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic application form
    2. Meet regular or special admissions entrance requirements
    3. At least four to six months before starting your program, meet with a disability services counsellor to discuss verification of your disability, funding grants and accommodations.

    If you are already in a program:
    1. If you did not disclose a disability during the application process, accommodations will depend on available resources and funding
    2. Ask your instructor for a referral to Learning Services office, who will provide support and possible referral to a disabilities counselor
    3. If you think you have an undiagnosed learning disability, assessment can be arranged
  2. Provide current medical documentation to verify the disability and supports the need for accommodations. Your documentation should include the following:
    1. Diagnosis of disability by a certified practitioner, e.g. registered psychologist, medical doctor, psychiatrist. In the case of learning disabilities, psycho-educational assessment documents should be completed within the last five years. With respect to physical disabilities, more current documentation may be required.
    2. A description of how your disability impacts your daily activities and/or will impact your academic studies.
    3. Recommendations for accommodations and support services based upon limitations of your disability.
  3. Arrange a meeting with a Disabilities Counsellor to collaboratively develop an accommodation plan.
  4. Apply for funding for academic supports to help offset the cost of accommodations.
  5. Cooperate in the search for and implementation of a reasonable accommodation.
  6. Follow the accommodation plan.
  7. Discuss any concerns and report any changes in your needs with the Disabilities Counsellor.
  8. Set up your services every academic year four to six months in advance.
  9. If you need to change or cancel a session with a Disabilities Counsellor, disability service provider, exam reader and/or scribe, please provide ample notice.
  10. Exams must be booked at least 7 business days in advance of each exam. To book your exam at your local Test Centre, visit:
  11. Contact Learning Services for assistance with study skills/test-taking, essay writing, individualized assistance with reading, writing, math and science, information about peer note-taking assistance and/or access to a tutor. There is no guarantee that a tutor will be available.
  12. Activate your student email account. Correspondence with the Disabilities Office/Student Development Department occurs via your Saskatchewan Polytechnic student email account. Notices, updates, requests, etc. come from Disability Services through your student e-mail account.
  13. Other responsibilities as listed in Saskatchewan Polytechnic policy: Reasonable Accommodation (pdf)