What is myWorkspace?

myWorkspace provides a virtual Windows desktop and software to complete assignments, print, and email.

Where can I access myWorkspace?

On-campus or off-campus, go to and click on the myWorkspace icon.


On campus, Sask Polytech Library computers, and some labs at each campus, are dedicated myWorkspace labs.


Using myWorkspace

Logging On

  1. Open a browser and go to 
  2. Log on with your and password and click on the myWorkspace icon
  3. Click Log On
  4. If this is your first time accessing myWorkspace, install the Citrix Receiver. Instructions can be found on the FAQ page. Otherwise, click Detect Receiver.
  5. Select the desktop you want to use (if offered more than one option).
  6. A desktop will open in a new window.
myWorkspace Login

myWorkspace Menu Bar

Here you can:

  • Click Home and pick a different desktop
  • Manage preferences such as display
  • Send a Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Go to full-screen
myWorkspace menu bar

Please note: Files will not be retained on myWorkspace. Please ensure you save your files to your Sask Polytech OneDrive.

Logging Off

Once you are done working, go to Start menu, click the profile button and then sign out. Do not click on disconnect. 

 Sign out of myWorkspace