Online Writing Support

  • provides Saskatchewan Polytechnic's post-secondary students, faculty, and staff with online support in developing, researching, writing and documenting their references for written assignments

How Online Writing Support Works

You will collaborate with Learning Services staff who will

  • read and comment on your assignments and papers
  • make suggestions
  • provide links to further resources

Please note that Learning Services staff will review a page of your writing, point out sample errors, and teach you how to correct those errors.  For ethical reasons, staff cannot proofread or edit entire papers.

Submission of Online Writing Support Request

In order to receive your request for writing support, we require that you provide us with a copy of each of the following:

  1. Your assignment (Word format only)
  2. The assignment instructions
  3. The assessment tool (rubric, checklist, etc.)

Please ensure you have these documents available in digital format (Word, PDF, or picture) to attached to your submission before beginning your request.

In addition, the Online Writing Support Request will require basic background information when you submit your assignment or paper:

  • your course name and numbers
  • your program
  • your assignment due date
  • your TWO writing concerns
    • format
    • grammar
    • organization
    • paragraph structure
    • other

Online Writing Support Request

For more information, please contact us:

Phone: 1.306.775.7436

For one-on-one help, Book an Appointment with Learning Services writing faculty.