Online Writing Lab (OWL)

  • provides Saskatchewan Polytechnic's post-secondary students with online support in developing, researching, writing and documenting their references for written assignments, primarily to students enrolled in distance-learning courses
  • developed by Learning Services as part of Saskatchewan Polytechnic's commitment to support distance learning in Saskatchewan

How OWL Works

You will collaborate with a Learning Services (LS) instructor who will:

  • read and comment on your assignments and papers
  • make suggestions
  • ask questions

Facilitating Communication

The LS instructor will require basic background information before you submit your question, outline, paper or assignment.

You need to include the following information in your initial email or phone call:

  • your name
  • your program
  • your class name, number and section
  • your instructor's name
  • your description of the assignment
  • your marking rubric (often attached to the assignment)
  • your writing problem description
  • your writing question, paper or partial paper (included as an attachment or pasted within your email message) and any comments you may have for the LS instructor

Format of Work

Your attachment must be submitted as a Word document or in rich text format

  • if you are not working in Word or if you don't have the capability to save your work as a Word document, please copy and paste your work into the body of your email

Response Time

  • you should receive a response from your LS instructor within 48 hours unless you submit your paper late Friday afternoon, and then you likely won't get a response until the following Tuesday

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