Saskatchewan Polytechnic Bookstores


Campus bookstore locations are currently closed for in-person business due to COVID-19. Please see our online bookstore information for ordering, delivery, curbside-pickup and payment details.

Payment for previously shipped materials

Our online payment system is back up and running. For course materials shipped while our payment system was unavailable, payment is now due. To pay for your previously shipped course materials:

  1. Under online ordering select the campus you received your order from to re-enter your original order form(s) for your already received course materials.  
  2. You will be prompted to create a new bookstore login. (Do not use your mySaskPolytech login.)
  3. Use the dropdown menu to add your course materials one at a time. Take time to ensure that your entries match your already received course materials.
  4. Under Shipping info - Shipping Method in the special instructions field, indicate “already received items.”
  5. Enter your payment details and click “submit.” A receipt will be provided once your payment has been processed. 
    • If you are paying online through your bank, at payment method, choose A/R CHARGE and enter online banking.
    • If your sponsor is paying, at payment method, choose drop down A/R CHARGE, enter sponsor name.
    • If you placed multiple orders, you can enter them as a single order when you make payment. You will be charged a shipping fee based on the total combined amount of all your orders.

Questions related to online order payment? Please see our FAQs.

Online ordering

Choose your campus location to place your online order.

Course Materials for Continuing Education (CE) Students

CE students will receive information about course materials in their confirmation of enrolment email one to two days after registration. Once you receive this information, use your course registration number (CRN) to order online. If you are being sponsored, please indicate the sponsor agency name in the course materials section on the form. Read more about sponsorship.

Curbside Pick Up

If you are ill, do not pick up your course materials. Please stay home and use the self assessment tool or contact Health Line 811 for advice. Call or email your campus bookstore to make arrangements. 

The Bookstore will email or phone you when your order is ready for pickup. If you receive an email notification, please phone your campus bookstore to schedule a pickup appointment time and date.

  • Photo ID will be required to pick up the order.
  • Only the person listed as the “Ship To” in the order form can pick up the order, unless other arrangements have been made when the appointment was scheduled.
  • On arrival to campus, phone your campus bookstore to let staff know you are there. (This does not include pick up in Saskatoon. Knock on the door on arrival.)
  • You must be wearing a mask or staff cannot deliver your items.

The Moose Jaw Bookstore has temporarily suspended our curbside pickup service, starting Monday March 29th until further notice.

Phone: 306-691-8448 (Moose Jaw campus—choose city tabs for other campus numbers)

Curbside Pick Up is Available: Monday to Friday, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Pick-up location: North entrance, door #112.

Phone: 306-765-1523

The Regina Bookstore has temporarily suspended our curbside pickup service until further notice.

Phone: 306-775-7755

Curbside Pick Up is Available: Monday to Friday, 10 a.m.– 2 p.m.

Pick up location: Back receiving door of the bookstore (knock when you arrive)

Phone: 306-659-4030


Please see frequently asked questions about the bookstore for the most current answers to your bookstore questions.

Contact us

If you require information regarding course materials, please contact your campus bookstore via email: