Veterinary Technology Application Process Guide

The Veterinary Technology Program has the following specific selection criteria.

As an applicant, you must:

  1. Apply to the program. View admission requirements on the Veterinary Technology Program page.
  2. Complete the Mandatory Orientation within 60 days of applying to the program.
  3. Submit Form A - Advisement of Intent to Complete 60 Hours Veterinary Supervised Clinic Volunteer or Work Experience.
  4. Submit Form B - Completed 60 Hours of Documented Orientation to Veterinary Practice.
    This form must be printed and given to the clinic. Form B must be sent by the clinic, not the applicant.
  5. To confirm all of your required documentation has been received please log into your Saskatchewan Polytechnic user account. If persons have difficulty accessing their account they should contact Information Resources at 1-888-733-5333.

Note: For more information regarding the program refer to Frequently Asked Questions.