Medical Radiologic Technology (MRT) Program Selection Process Guide for Applicants

Selection process guide Medical Radiologic Technology (MRT). This program is designated high-demand and has specific selection criteria in addition to specified admission requirements.

View admission requirements in the admissions section on the program page, Medical Radiologic Technology.
Selection criteria are used as the basis to rank eligible applicants where there are more applicants applying to a high-demand program than there are places available. 
Applicants are scored against the selection criteria. Selection of applicants will occur in two phases. See Admission Processes for a description of the Phase 1 process. Phase 2 for this program is described below.

Phase 2

Additional selection criteria will be applied to applicants with the highest averages from Phase 1. Each component of the selection criteria is weighted as given below:
Component A: Admission Requirements Average 30%
Component B: Career Investigation Report 30% 
Component C: Interview 40%
Total: 100%


Applicants who fail to submit the Career Investigation Report and Career Awareness Questionnaire by the application deadline (Step 1) will be excluded from the selection process.

  1. Applicants apply to the program according to dates listed.

    Applications must include:
    1. Program application (transcript submission required)
    2. Career Investigation submission in PDF format (electronic submission required)
    3. Awareness Questionnaire (electronic submission required)
Phase 1 
  1. Following the application deadline, applicants are ranked according to their high school admission requirements average. 
  1. Approximately two-and-a-half (2.5) times the number of available seats will proceed to Phase 2 of the selection process.

    Applicants who proceed to Phase 2 are those with the highest admission requirement averages.
Phase 2
  1. The career investigation submission is assessed (electronic submission required). 
  1. Applicants are required to attend an in-person interview in Saskatoon.
  1. Interviews are conducted and assessed.

    Interviews will be conducted by program personnel, such as instructors, the program head and/or industry representatives.
  1. Phase 2 points are collated by the Selection Committee. 
  1. Top-ranked applicants are sent a letter of offer for a seat in the program.

    Selection is made based on phase 2 results.

    Those applicants not offered a seat in Phase 2 are placed on an alternate list and are offered a seat if any of the top-ranked applicants decline their seat.

(Maximum Possible Score = 100 points)
Component A: Admission Requirements Average Maximum = 30 points
Component B: Career Investigation Report Maximum = 30 points
Component C: Interview Maximum = 40 points
Total:  Maximum = 100 points

Maximum = 30 points

Points are awarded as follows:


Admission Requirements
Average Points
(Maximum 30)
x 30% = _______ 

Maximum = 30 points

A thorough career investigation of the chosen program is a component of the selection criteria. The career investigation component provides information that will convince the Selection Committee that the applicant has a thorough understanding of the program and the profession.

The career investigation (electronic submission only) must be submitted prior to the application deadline date. The career investigation consists of two parts:

  • Career Investigation Report - PDF format
  • Awareness Questionnaire

Maximum = 40 points

Applicants are required to attend an in-person interview as the final component of the Selection Process.

Interviews will be approximately 30-45 minutes. Interview questions are based on a pre-determined set of criteria.

The interview will access the applicant’s aptitudes in the following areas:

Personal Skills

  • Accountability
  • Compassion/empathy
  • Positive attitude
  • Ethics/trustworthiness
  • Teamwork

Academic Potential

  • Problem solving/critical thinking skills
  • Time management/effective study skills
  • Stress coping skills


  • Oral 

Learn more about the interview process below.

Applicants will compose a Career Investigation Report using information gained through the career investigation (using resources which should include, but are not limited to, internet searches, program material, and interviews with professionals presently working in the field.)

Applicants will submit a report of 4 pages total (one cover page, two content pages, and one reference page) which must address the following:

Describe the attributes you possess and how they would make you an asset to the profession.

The submission is to include information about, and a thorough understanding of:

  • The Saskatchewan Training Program
  • The work that graduates of the program are trained to do
  • The types of facilities graduates of this program are employed at
  • Hours and shifts graduates would be expected to work
  • Current wages in Saskatchewan
  • Physical and mental stresses of the profession
  • Workplace hazards and safety considerations of the profession
  • Other professionals the graduate would interact with when working 
  • Applicable Canadian and Saskatchewan Professional Associations graduates working in Saskatchewan would belong to 
  • Regulatory and licensing requirements to work in Saskatchewan

Submissions shall include:

  • One (1) cover page identifying:
    Applicant Name, Address and Program of Interest
  • Two (2) content pages, 8½” x 11” pages in length to be: 
    • double spaced
    • formatted in Arial font, size 11
    • have 1” margins
    • saved in PDF format
  • one (1) reference page providing complete references used in researching the Career Investigation Report
  • must be in PDF format when submitting

Submit an electronic version by email as an attachment to:

In the subject line of your electronic submission please include the following:

  • Last name, First name
  • Program you are applying to
  • Career Investigation Report
    Example: Last name, First name - MRT Career Investigation Report

Note: Applicants should refer to the Career Investigation Report Scoring Rubric (pdf) in preparing the Career Investigation Report. The information contained in this document makes explicit the expectations and associated criteria used to determine the overall score. This information is provided in order to assist applicants in developing their report in a manner that meets or exceeds the standards that the Selection Committee has established.

Plagiarism detection software may be used in the assessment of the Career Investigation Report.

The Selection Committee will review the applicant’s submission (Career Investigation Report and Awareness Questionnaire) to assess understanding in the following areas: 

Knowledge of the Program and Profession

  • The Saskatchewan Training Program
  • Understands responsibilities (e.g. required to physically touch people, communicate patient instructions)
  • Wages in Saskatchewan
  • Hours of work and possible shifts worked
  • Future employment outlook
  • Awareness of potential workplace hazards
  • Regulatory and Licensing requirements to work in Saskatchewan
  • Canadian and Saskatchewan Professional Associations Saskatchewan graduates would belong to.

Academic Potential

  • Communication Skills (Written)

Physical Requirements of the Profession

  • Dexterity
  • Physical stamina (awareness of the nature of the work)
  • Personal hygiene
  • General health

The applicant should use as many resources as possible to gather information about the program and the profession. In the Career Investigation Report, the applicant needs to clearly demonstrate the knowledge gained through the investigation. The following methods are suggested:

  • Speaking with professionals presently working in the field
  • Internet searches 
  • Program information on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic web
  • Canadian and Saskatchewan Professional Organization websites
  • Clinical site tours

Career Investigation Report Scoring Rubric (pdf)


Completing the Awareness Questionnaire is a process of providing information about one's thoughts, feelings, past experiences, and future plans. This questionnaire is concerned with the extent you are aware of and are prepared to meet the challenges and demands of the program and profession. The Awareness Questionnaire will not be scored, but is integral to the selection process.

Important: If any portion of the Awareness Questionnaire form is incomplete, the career investigation will be considered incomplete and you will be excluded from the selection process.

  1. Welcome applicant and confirmation of identity.
  1. Explanation of interview process to applicant.
    Interviewers will consist of program personnel, such as instructors, the program head and/or industry representatives.
  1. Interview questions. 
    • Positive attitude and teamwork
    • Empathy and compassion
    • Ethical, trustworthy, accountability
    • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
    • Time management, effective study skills, stress coping skills
    • Communication skills
  1. Interview close and answering any outstanding questions. 

Applicant’s Checklist

In order for your application to be processed all of the following must be completed and submitted:

  1. Complete the Saskatchewan Polytechnic application form
  2. Submit a completed Career Investigation Report to Registration Services in PDF format before application deadline. (electronic submission only).
    When submitting the Career Investigation Report, send PDF as an attachment to:
  3. Submit an Awareness Questionnaire to Registration Services before application deadline (electronic submission only).
  4. Enclose the Saskatchewan Polytechnic application fee with the application 

All transcripts submitted in support of your application must be sent directly from the educational institution to Saskatchewan Polytechnic Registration Services prior to the Phase 1 deadline date.

Important: Applicants must ensure the Career Investigation Report (PDF format) and Awareness Questionnaire submitted by email clearly identifies the applicant name Saskatchewan Polytechnic ID and the program they applied for in the subject line.

Important Dates

  • Beginning of April or late March, applicants proceeding to Phase 2 will be contacted by the program to schedule an interview.
  • Interviews are usually scheduled early to mid-April.
  • Registration Services will send Letters of Offer to successful Phase 2 applicants by mid-May.
  • Applicants on the Phase 2 alternate waitlist will remain on the list until mid-September.