Water and Wastewater Technician

Water and Wastewater Technician

Program Overview

Saskatchewan requires trained technicians to help ensure the safety of our drinking water, water supply and environment. The Water and Wastewater Technician program is the first step in becoming a certified operator for municipal, industrial, agricultural and recreational water systems.

The program is designed for individuals already working in the field, but is open to anyone wanting to get started. It can be physical work—lifting, bending, walking and climbing ladders—but it also involves monitoring equipment and process monitoring. You could be involved in reservoir operations and lagoon maintenance, chlorination, water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment.

Water and Wastewater Technician is a self-paced certificate program offered on a course-by-course basis. It is offered entirely through distance learning, and administered at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose Jaw Campus. You can take up to 5 years to complete the program.

You’ll learn how to meet the demand for water of acceptable quality and quantity for municipal, industrial, agricultural and recreational use. You’ll also learn how to collect and treat wastewater to an acceptable level for discharge. The program includes training in:

  • Water treatment;
  • Water distribution;
  • Wastewater treatment;
  • Wastewater collection;
  • Communications;
  • Computer applications;
  • Drafting.


If you’re already working in the field, the program can prepare you to challenge the Saskatchewan Provincial Operator Certification Examinations. The Saskatchewan Polytechnic Water and Wastewater Technician program is accepted as two years of post-secondary education by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Water Security Agency and Operator Certification Board (OCB) of Saskatchewan. Certification will open doors to more career choices.

Career and Salary Information

Your Career

Most graduates find jobs in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. In a city, you could be part of a team in a large treatment plant. In a small town, you could be responsible for operating the community’s water distribution, wastewater collection and/or water treatment system. Other potential employers include industrial plants, engineering firms, contractors, provincial and federal government agencies, parks and private utility companies.

Potential Careers

Sample Job TitleNOC Classification1Earning Potential2
Technical Sales SpecialistTechnical Sales Specialists - Wholesale Trade (6221)$31,200 - $104,000
Park AttendantOperators and Attendants in Amusement, Recreation and Sport (6722)$23,600 - $45,800
Water and Wastewater Utility OperatorWater and Waste Treatment Plant Operators (9243)$48,500 - $72,800

Length and Start Date

Start Date(s):


This program can be started at any time. Review courses below and then search the A-Z course listing for upcoming course dates.

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Length: Self-paced - up to 5 years


  • Online/Distance

  • Some programs offered online or otherwise by distance (i.e., correspondence) include on-site labs, clinicals, practicums or work experiences. They may be offered course-by-course or full-time, or both, and deliveries may change over time.

Part-time Delivery

Students do not apply to this program, but take courses part time and apply to graduate (pdf) through Enrolment Services once all courses are completed.


Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12

Special Admission

Applicants who do not possess the academic qualifications for a program may be admitted if evidence of probable success can be established through a special admission assessment. Interested individuals should still apply. Applicants are automatically considered for special admission. However, some specific admission requirements may still need to be met. Refer to the ACCUPLACER© cut scores for this program below, and review additional details concerning Special Admission.


  • 250 Arithmetic
  • 247 Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics
  • 250 Reading
  • 245 Writing

Admission Method

Students do not apply to the program, but take courses part-time and apply to graduate once all courses are completed. View courses.

Tuition and Fees

Each course is priced individually. Please refer to the A-Z course listing to see course costs.

Get Credit for What You Know

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognizes that adults learn in many different ways. This includes acquiring knowledge and skills through life and work experience or non-formal training.See links below to more information about PLAR and detailed PLAR candidate guides for the Arts and Sciences courses in this program. To discuss PLAR for other courses in this program, contact us at 1-866-467-4278 and ask for the Program Head of this program.

Transfer Credit

Many Sask Polytech students benefit from transferring course credit. You may be eligible to transfer credit to Sask Polytech or to another college or university.

Additional Information

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