RSTS Training Subsidy

Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy (RSTS)

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Saskatchewan Polytechnic Courses Eligible for Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy

As the province re-opens, Saskatchewan businesses are faced with a new normal that may require employees to do additional tasks that require training. To support this, the provincial government has created the Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy (RSTS), an employer-driven, short-term training program that provides 100% reimbursement for eligible employers to train employees.

Sask Polytech offers a variety of short-term training options.

Choose courses that support the viability of your business in the post-COVID environment, such as health and safety requirements, administrative skills training and leadership training. Short-term training will help your business compete by giving employees the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to adapt to the “new normal”.

Sask Polytech training meets key RSTS criteria.

Sask Polytech has been Saskatchewan’s primary institution for post-secondary applied education and training for over 60 years. We are a leader in online training, and business and industry's go-to source for short-term, industry-relevant training. We also meet RSTS criteria:

  • Saskatchewan-based third party not affiliated with the employer.
  • Courses a minimum of 8 hours in length per trainee, by the same training provider and completed within 4 months.
  • Courses result in a credential (record of completion, certificate, grade, etc.)

The application deadline has been extended to March 31st, 2021. Don’t miss this opportunity to subsidize 100% of your training.

Read more about eligibility on the Government of Saskatchewan website.

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Business and Entrepreneurship

This online program will provide you with practical and professional skills in all aspects of project management. Completion results in an Applied Certificate in Project Management.

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This program provides the essential tools, skills, and knowledge needed to perform administrative responsibilities to support executives and other high-level professionals.

Training Guide

Bookkeeping is a fundamental part of any business and a critical skill for entrepreneurs. Our bookkeeping and accounting software gives you the skills you need to ensure your business operations are tight.

Bookkeeping 1 Training Guide

Bookkeeping 2 Training Guide

Learn the skills you need to gain proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Topics range from basic data entry, to functions, to pivot tables and basic data analysis.

Training Guide

Or, take these courses individually:

These online self paced courses give you the skills you need to be successful in a modern business environment. Get Statements of Achievement in topics ranging from Entrepreneurship, Emotional Intelligence,  Sales, and more. Learn more...

LERN Microcredentials

These self-paced online courses result in both a Statement of Achievement from Saskatchewan Polytechnic and a LERN Certificate from our partner organization LERN. Topics range from Entrepreneurship, to Accounting and Finance, to Data analysis and more.

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Leadership and Supervisory Training

Leadership skills are in demand in every industry and every sector–construction, health, IT, hospitality, public service, business and more. Sask Polytech’s online Leadership Skills program gives you the tools you need to become a successful leader in your field.

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Health & Safety Training

Sask Polytech offers numerous safety training options over a diverse range of industries including mining, health and human services. Train the Trainer Safety courses give you the skills to not only follow safety best-practices, but train others as well.

Please contact for information, or fill out our training request form to bring this training to your team.

Please contact for information, or fill out our training request form to bring this training to your team.

Hospitality, Retail & Sales

Microsoft Role-Based Specializations

Our full suite of Microsoft Azure, Data and AI and productivity role-based specializations are all RSTS eligible. Browse our full suite of Microsoft Fundamentals and Role Based Certification training sessions.

Customized Training

Looking for something in particular? Let us know how we can help you find what you need.