Practical Nursing Certificate to Diploma

Practical Nursing Certificate to Diploma

Practical Nursing offers bridging courses if you are a Licensed Practical Nurses who graduated from Sask Polytech before June 2008 with a Practical Nursing certificate. 

These courses offer an opportunity to bridge to the current diploma credential. As a Sask Polytech Practical Nursing certificate graduate, once you complete these courses you may apply to the registrar to graduate with a Practical Nursing diploma.

If you have successfully completed LEAD 1604, NURS 1639 and NURS 1664, you will receive credit toward bridging to the Sask Polytech diploma credential through a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process. 

These classes are all offered through distance education.

Community Nursing (NRSG-253CE)
Health Assessment/LPN (NURS-227CE)
IV Therapy/Blood&Prod Comp LPN (NRSG-254CE)
Leadership in Nursing (LEAD-201CE)
Nasogastric Tube Insert ComLPN (NRSG-255CE)
Patient Safety (NRSG-252CE)
Sociology 3 (SOCI-261CE)
Tracheostomy Care CompleterLPN (NRSG-256CE)