Practical Nursing Certificate to Diploma

Practical Nursing Certificate to Diploma

Practical Nursing offers bridging courses if you are a Licensed Practical Nurses who graduated from Sask Polytech before June 2008 with a Practical Nursing certificate. 

These courses offer an opportunity to bridge to the current diploma credential. As a Sask Polytech Practical Nursing certificate graduate, once you complete these courses you may apply to the registrar to graduate with a Practical Nursing diploma.

If you have successfully completed LEAD 1604, NURS 1639 and NURS 1664, you will receive credit toward bridging to the Sask Polytech diploma credential through a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process. 

These classes are all offered through distance education.


If you have any questions regarding which courses you require, please contact Joey Galinski at 306-775-7689 or