Refrigeration Plant Operators (RFRG-1600)

You will learn about the principles of refrigeration, refrigerants and refrigeration systems, compressors and evaporators, condensers, cooling towers and heat pumps, refrigeration control and accessories, how to operate and maintain compression refrigeration systems, and absorption systems. If you are interested in learning refrigeration or currently operate refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, you will benefit from this introductory course is intended to prepare students to write the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan exam for the Refrigeration Plant Operator’s Certificate. Provincial testing is not included – contact the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (1-866-530-8599) to ensure that you have met exam and certification requirements (i.e. operating experience) and to book an exam sitting. Refrigeration Plant Operator textbook, not included in the tuition, is required from the Saskpolytech bookstore Saskatchewan Polytechnic Bookstores ( or directly from Panglobal Catalogue (

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