Practicum 4 (PRAC-245)

The course provides you with an opportunity to gain competence working with children, families and communities in early childhood education programs. Practicum options include: a practicum in an infant program, a practicum in a toddler program, a practicum working with children and supporting a child(ren) with diverse abilities, or a practicum working as a frontline educator. All practicums include reflective journaling and require students to use observation to plan curriculum focused on the needs and interests of children in a particular setting. Dependent on the practicum chosen, practicum experiences may include creating documentation panels, completing a PPP based on the Ministry of Education’s format, or using the Project Approach to plan a research topic with children.

Prerequisites: ADMN 204, COMM 294, ECE 200, ECE 201, ECE 202, ECE 220, ECE 221, ECE 226, HUMD 200, PD 240, PRAC 244, SPSY 289

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