Histotechnology Refresher (HSTC-1800)

You will review classification of cells and tissues, followed by the microanatomical structure of the major organs of the body. The principle and practices of preparing clinical specimens for histological examination including fixation, decalcification, processing, embedding and microtomy are covered. Also included are descriptions of the principles and practices used in a clinical Histology laboratory to demonstrate cellular and non-cellular elements using special stain techniques. Open to previous CSMLS certified MLTs and/or recommended to take this course by the CSMLS as part of a Learning Plan.

This course is open for registration from September - May. Email evidence of previous CSMLS certification and/or CSMLS Learning Plan documentation to to register.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic reserves the right to revise or cancel programs or make other changes as Saskatchewan Polytechnic deems necessary at any time.

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