Clinical Experience 1 (CLIN-200)

Note: Prior to participating in CLIN 200 (Clinical Experience 1), you must have medical fitness, current immunization and current CPR Level 'C' (BLS Level 'C'). You will attend a 32-hour orientation practicum to re-familiarize yourself with the hospital setting, new equipment and the health care environment. You will assist clients with basic care, utilizing the nursing process, and hone your assessment, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. You will use the skills you reviewed and practiced in NRSG 206 (Nursing Re-entry Lab 1) including communication with respect and courtesy, and conduct consistent with the SRNA standards and competencies and the CNA code of ethics. You will work on a one-to-one basis under the guidance of an experienced registered nurse who has volunteered to be a clinical preceptor.

Prerequisites: NRSG 206, NRSG 209

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