Part-time Computer Courses

Computer Courses

The world of communication and information technology is constantly evolving. Beginner to advanced, Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers computer software training and workshops for everyone. All currently-available options are offered online.

To better serve you while delivering courses online, we have restructured many of our facilitated courses to better fit live online delivery.

Featured Courses

Indigenous Studies Course

Indigenous Studies Course

Online self-paced introduction to Saskatchewan's Indigenous cultural groups.

WHMIS Training

Early Childhood Education Webinar Series

Enhance your learning and take advantage of one of these free training opportunities.

Workplace Essentials

Workplace Essentials

Now is the time to refine your skills or develop new ones.

Learn to Code with Lighthouse Labs

We’ve partnered with Lighthouse Labs to offer these introductory, part-time courses that allow you to upgrade your coding and data skills, without quitting your day job. These part-time courses are designed to help those in careers looking to upskill in the technology field, and take the first step in their lifelong learning journey. You can also enroll in our full time coding and data science bootcamps.

CISCO Certified Training

These courses include the CCNA Academy and CISCO Cybersecurity Training.  These courses will help to get you certified through CCNA and CISCO Cybersecurity.

Earn your Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) designation. Four courses teaching you how to install, operate and configure networks. You’ll also learn how to safeguard your network from basic security threats.

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Accounting Software Training

Take our full suite of Accounting Software Courses through online live delivery.

Microsoft Software Training

Take our full office of 365 Training through online live delivery.

Fiber Optics Training

Get certified through as a Fiber Optics Technician through Fiber Optics Association in association with Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  This is an intensive 5 day training session on campus; more information can be found on this link.

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