Adult 10—Adult Basic Education

Adult 10 Opens Doors to Job Training Programs. 

The Adult 10 program is an important step up the career ladder, whether you want to continue your education or move into the workforce.

The Adult 10 credential is recognized by technical and trades schools, apprenticeship training, and employers as being equivalent to Grade 10. A Certificate of Standing is issued by the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training. 

Adult 10 Courses

A complete Adult 10 program consists of courses in:

  • Communications
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Life/Work Studies

The program helps you:

  • improve your communication, math, science and social science skills;
  • learn how to think critically and make informed decisions; and
  • explore personal growth and life-long learning in life/work studies.

CLB 6 is a pre-requisite.

Next steps

Contact us to arrange for an intake assessment, or to discuss program details.