Adult 12

Adult 12: Full-time and Part-time Studies

We offer multiple pathways, including the adult basic education pathway, several transition to post-secondary and dual credit pathways, and the option to take part-time studies during the day or evening. The Adult 12 program provides adult learners the secondary credit courses required for entrance into universities and polytechnics. The Adult 12 credential is recognized by post-secondary institutions and employers and all 30-level classes meet the curricula requirements of the Ministry of Education.

Adult 12 courses

A complete Adult 12 (secondary completion) consists of:

  • English Language Arts A30
  • English Language Arts B30
  • One level 30 Canadian Studies course
  • One level 20 or level 30 science
  • One level 20 or level 30 mathematics
  • Plus 2 electives at the 30 level (one credit may be granted for work experience)

Students who already have credits at the 20- or 30-level from other Saskatchewan schools can apply eligible credits toward their Adult 12 completion.

Credits earned outside Saskatchewan may also contribute toward Adult 12 completion.

Adult students are not required to have 10- or 20-level prerequisites before enrolling in 30-level classes, but the prerequisites are strongly recommended to ensure sufficient skill development for successful completion. CLB 8 is a pre-requisite.

Program information

Textbooks are loaned to students while attending classes. Textbooks must be returned upon completion or leaving. Further registrations will not be allowed if there are financial holds related to missing materials. Each campus has a daily limit for courses. A combination of evening and day courses in the same session may be taken only with approval from the program head. Students currently enrolled in LINC cannot register for daytime or evening courses.

Transition to post-secondary or employment streams within Adult 12

Part-time studies: Daytime and evening programming

Students may obtain their Grade 12 standing or attend only those courses needed as pre-requisites for entrance into post-secondary programs offered by Sask Polytech and other institutions.

Next steps

Contact us to arrange for an intake assessment, or to discuss program details.