Welcome new and returning students!

Thank you for making Saskatchewan Polytechnic your post-secondary educational institution of choice. Your educational experience should be personally and academically rewarding. And we want to help.

This guide is to help you adjust to life in Saskatchewan, Canada and support you while you attend Sask Polytech. You will find practical material ranging from information you might need before arriving, including:

  • important housing, shopping and transportation options;
  • basic information that will help you while attending Sask Polytech; and
  • possible immigration options you can pursue once your studies are completed.

If you require any support or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We have a dedicated team here ready to assist you.

We have international student advisors on each campus city as well as part-time student assistants that can assist you during the school year. Our team is also comprised of two language specialists who can assist you throughout the year with technical language support and study skills. Finally we have two intercultural counsellors to assist with your transition to Canada and post-secondary life while here.

Keep an eye on your Sask Polytech inbox for special events offered to our international students, on-campus activities as well as information that we share regarding immigration matters.

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Contact International Education.