International Education Guide to Completing the International Student Application Form

Revised February 2022

The purpose of this guide is to provide a step-by-step walk through of how to complete the online application form for international students. This guide uses screen shots of the actual application form with notations to complete the form accurately and completely. This guide also includes additional suggestions and recommendations.

Go to the online application form.

Apply now 

Each applicant must have a unique Login ID.

To create a new application, click on user account creation. Once you have created an account, you can log in under that account again to submit another application or edit your information. If you have applied previously and can't remember your login ID, just start over by creating a new user account.

Agents: If you use the same ID for different students, you won't be able to re-apply and alter applications using that ID.

Do not use all caps. Using all caps delays the processing of the application as they will need to be re-entered.

Be prepared to make payment when you have completed the application form. The form will not be considered complete until payment has been made. Creating your login ID and pin

Select the application type

Select the appropriate application from the Application Type drop down menu.

To apply as an International Student to:

  • a certificate or diploma, select application type International Admission.
  • a degree level program or Post-Graduate Certificate program, select application type International Admission Degree.
  • the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing, select application type Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Click Continue.

Starting your application

Select Application Term from the Admission Term drop down menu.

You are always applying for the next available intake. Check the program listing to see what programs are available.

If you want to be considered for a specific intake, you must let us know. Send an email to after you submit your application form so we can roll your application to that intake.

Programs with a January intake

Program with a fall intake (August/September)

Ensure the name entered matches the name on your passport and transcripts. This ensures we can match any documents submitted with your application.

Last Name = surname or family name

Click on Fill Out Application to continue.

Application checklist

This is the page you see when you once you have entered your name. It is also the page you'll see when you return to your application after you have created your account initially, logged out and returned. This provides a quick way to review and edit each section of the application.

Click on Name to continue.

Entering your name

  • Ensure the name matches the name on your passport and supporting documentation (transcripts, IELTs, etc.).
  • "Nickname" refers to the name a student usually uses on a day-to-day basis.
  • If you have applied or attended before, include your student ID number in the last field.

International information

1. Clicking on the International Admissions link will load an email window allowing you to attach copies of transcripts and other documentation. Colour PDF copies are preferred though JPG are acceptable.

  • You can also email the documents to
  • All supporting documents should be in one email. If this isn't possible (because of the size of the email) be sure to include your full name and date of birth in the subject line. Do not send compressed/zipped files.
  • Agents, please submit one email per applicant.

2. Field labeled Visa: As an international student, select Student Visa from the list of options.
3. Filed labelled Visa Number: If you already have a Study Permit, enter your visa number and expiry date. Select None if you do not currently have a Canadian visa.
4. Proof of English Language Proficiency is required for all non-exempt countries. Check the English Language Requirements chart for details.
5. If you are interested in enrolling in our Learn English courses, please indicate this in the last field.

Click Continue.

Address and phone
Enter your correct mailing address and phone number at the top.

If you are an agent applying on behalf of an applicant, enter the official agency's name and information at the bottom of this area. Do not include the individual counsellor's name. Remember, agent information must be included at the point of application if you want to be recognized as the agent of record for this student. It cannot be added retroactively.

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Personal information

  1. As an international student, choose Student Visa for citizenship status
  2. If you have a disability (learning or physical), please identify this here. Knowing this in advance allows us to work with you to put provisions in place to support your learning at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
  3. We conduct all correspondence with the student via email. Please ensure the student's email is valid. If you are an agent applying on behalf of the student, use the student's email address here. Put your agency email address in the agency contact information on the previous screen.

Click Continue.

Planned course of study
Programs currently available will be listed in the drop-down menu. If the program is not offered as a selection, this means that:

  • The program is not available to international students or;
  • The program is filled to capacity and applications are not currently being accepted for that program.

The availability of programs will vary throughout the year as we admit students and students withdraw (lack of funds, denial of visa, etc.)

If you are offered a seat, your application is closed. Should you want to switch programs after an offer has been made, you can submit (and pay for) another application.

If you are applying to the Business diploma program at our Moose Jaw campus, indicate which specialty you want and whether or not you want co-op (if available). This information will be reflected in the acceptance letter.

Click Continue.

High School
Enter the high school name and city as required.

  • If you are still enrolled in Grade 12 when applying, include your expected graduation date.
  • High school information is required even if you are applying for a post-graduate program.

Include these transcripts with your other documents.

Click Continue.

Previous college
If you have previous post-secondary education, include this information when applying. Our assessors look to these transcripts if an application is lacking at the high school level. (For example, you don't have a math in grade 12 but do in post-secondary).

In addition, if you plan to apply for transfer credit, Registration Services will only consider education declared at the point of application for transfer credit. If you present these documents later, they will not be considered.

Students applying for a post-grad certificate or degree must provide information on your degree here.

Include these transcripts with the other documents.

Click Continue.

Application checklist
A green check mark will be displayed beside each section you have completed. From this screen, you can click on the various headings to review your submission.

Click on Application is Complete to save and continue.

Fee payment
On the fee payment page, please read the acknowledgment carefully and click on Proceed to Secure Payment Processor when you are ready to continue.

After paying your application fee you'll receive a confirmation and electronic receipt.

An application submission is not complete until the payment has been processed. If the transaction is declined, your application has not been submitted.