Co-operative Education Student of the Year

Each year, Saskatchewan Polytechnic celebrates National Co-operative Education Week by awarding the Co-operative Education Student of the Year Award. This award is intended to reward a Co-operative Education student who has demonstrated excellence over the course of the academic year including time spent on work terms. Selection is based on professional promise, academic achievement and practical application of theory. 

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose Jaw Campus Co-op Student of the Year

Active, successful Saskatchewan Polytechnic Co-operative Education students are eligible for the Co-op Student of the Year award. During the CAFCE National Co-operative Education Week in March of 2021, we will be announcing the annual "Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose Jaw Campus Co-op Student of the Year" award. If you receive excellent reviews from your Co-op employer(s), are academically successful, and are proud to be part of the Co-op program, we invite you to apply.

To be eligible, you must have successfully completed one or more Co-op work terms and the academic semesters preceding them. Your application should include:

  • A completed application form (see below for application form);
  • A cover letter (maximum 500 words) explaining "What Co-op Has Meant to Me";
  • One copy of your resume and most recent official transcript, and
  • One letter of recommendation (preferably from a Co-op employer).

Applications must be received by February 28, 2021. Email your application form and supporting documents to

The successful applicant will receive a certificate of achievement and a cash award in addition to the obvious benefit of having such an award on a resume.

Please give this timely consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.

Application Form

2020 Co-operative Education Student of the Year

Starlene Hermanson, Business Information Systems

Picture of Starlene Hermanson

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2020 Co-op Student of the Year is Starlene Hermanson. Starlene is a second year Business Information Systems student. She is an exemplar student, achieving and maintaining an exceptionally high academic standing throughout her entire program. Starlene very successfully completed her work term at the Saskatchewan Health Authority and was highly regarded by her supervisor and colleagues. Starlene is an exceptional role model for other students and we are very proud to have her associated with the Co-op program. 

National Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Month was celebrated March 1 to 31, 2021.

It is celebrated each year by Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada) to promote the value of Co-operative Education programs at its 79 university and colleges members across Canada.

Co-operative Education programs facilitate paid, training-related work terms for students in a variety of academic programs. It is a partnership between the student, the school, and industry which produces significant benefits for all three.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Co-operative Education currently provides co-op programming for 14 academic programs. Students are placed on work terms varying in total length from six to twelve months with employers all across Canada but mostly in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

In 2020, co-operative education earning and wage statistics:

  • $5,791,088 for total earnings
  • $21.91 average hourly earnings
  • $13,562 per 4-month work term

In addition to the significant academic and training benefits of co-op, these earnings help students to finance their education.

Past Winners

Pauline JohnsonPauline Johnson, Business Information Systems

The 2019 Co-operative Education Student of the Year is Pauline Johnson, a full-time student enrolled in the Business Information Systems program. In 2019, Pauline completed a Co-operative Education work term with Westridge Construction. During her studies, Pauline has maintained a very high academic standing. Pauline is an excellent ambassador for both Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Co-operative Education!

Kyoungcheon ChoiKyoungcheon Choi, Business Information Systems

The 2018 Co-operative Education Student of the Year is Kyoungcheon Choi, a full-time student in the Business Information Systems program. In 2018, Kyoungcheon completed a six-month work term with SaskTel in Regina. During his studies, Kyoungcheon achieved a very high academic standing. Kyoungcheon is an excellent ambassador both for Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Co-operative Education.

Kiara Brost, Business (Information Systems)

Kayla Anderson, Business (Human Resources)

Justin Lefebvre, Instrumentation Engineering Technologies

Asim Cheema, Business (Accountancy)

The 2015 Co-operative Education Student of the Year is Asim Cheema, a full-time student in the Business Accountancy diploma program at Moose Jaw Campus. In 2014, Asim completed three work terms with the Ministry of the Economy where he received strong recommendations for his exceptional work ethic and accounting acumen. Asim is currently in his fourth and final semester of studies at Moose Jaw Campus. His high academic standing, professional attitude, and extra-curricular volunteer activities make him a credit to Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Tayler LaBelleTayler LaBelle, Architectural Technologies

The Co-operative Education Student of the Year is Tayler LaBelle, a full-time student in the Architectural Technologies program at Palliser Campus. Tayler has completed three academic semesters with a strong academic record and is currently on his second Co-op work term with an architectural consulting firm in Regina. Tayler received a very strong endorsement from his employer and has represented SIAST with strong technical and professional skills.

Tayler indicates that “Co-op has enabled me to apply directly all that I learn into the work place. It has given me the opportunity to network within my chosen field and has allowed me to experience what the industry is like in a variety of settings.”

Nicole Kreklevich, Business (Marketing)

Meagan MacLean, Business (Marketing)

Madison Miller, Business (Human Resources)

Gregory Gatin, Business (Human Resources)

Elyse Sitzer, Architectural Technologies

David Miliken, Water Resources Engineering Technology

Yixiang Wang, Electrical Engineering Technology

Leland Kreklewich, Accountancy 

Kimberly D. Timbers, Architectural Technologies