Last updated February 15, 2023

Questions and answers for Occupational Health Nursing post-graduate certificate program.

According to the Canadian Association for Occupational Health Nurses (COHNA) an OHN is a “Registered Nurse practicing in the specialty of Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Wellness to deliver integrated occupational health, safety, environmental and wellness services to individual workers and worker populations” COHNA (2018).

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Occupational Health Nursing (OHN) program is a post graduate certificate program for registered nurses who are graduates of an undergraduate degree program.
  • As a graduate you can be eligible to write the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) national certification exam to earn a COHN(C) designation (using a combination of experience and specialty education).
  • The program provides positive challenges for OHN students they will obtain specialized knowledge, skill, and expertise in occupational health including:
    • Assessing workers, and disabilities
    • Exploring safety systems
    • Assessing hazards
    • Creating safe work environments
    • Managing projects
    • Providing nursing leadership in the workplace
  • The program encourages learning in a supportive environment, students have the opportunity to learn from experienced OHN nurses who will preceptor and support students.
  • The delivery approach combines multiple approaches to enhance adult learning including textbook readings, video integration, discussion posts, practice questions, simulation labs and clinical experiences.
  • NRSG 287 - Foundations of Occupational Health Nursing
  • NRSG 288 - Health Assessment and Health Promotion in Occupational Health
  • NRSG 289 - Work Environments and Health 1
  • NRSG 290 - Work Environments and Health 2
  • NRSG 291 - Disability Case Management in Occupational Health Nursing
  • LEAD 202 - Leadership and Team Management in Occupational Health Nursing
  • PROJ 205 - Project Management in Occupational Health Nursing
  • SFTY 201 - Managing Health and Safety Systems from an Occupational Health Nursing Perspective
  • NRSG 292 - Occupational Health Nursing Lab
  • PRAC 214 - Occupational Health Nursing Practice Education
The theory component of the program is delivered online, which allow you to study in your home community and maintain work and family responsibilities. The OHN program has 8 courses, and a lab and a practicum you will have 12 weeks to complete each course. Each course has specific strategies for evaluating knowledge, such as exams, case studies, quizzes, and assignments.

NRSG 287 Foundation of Occupational Health Nursing is the introductory course which must be successfully completed before the other courses.

NRSG 289 Work Environments and Health 1 must be completed prior to NRSG 290 Work Environment and Health 2.

All theory courses (NRSG 287, NRSG 288, NRSG 289, NRSG 290, NRSG 291, PROJ 205, SFTY 201, LEAD 202) must be completed prior to NRSG 292 Occupational Health Nursing Lab and PRAC 214 Occupational Health Nursing Practice Education.

OHN students must apply and be accepted to the program before taking any courses. Applications are assessed once all the admission documents have been submitted including formal transcripts. Information regarding registration of courses will be sent once you are accepted into the program. To apply please visit the Sask Polytech application page.
To meet the admission requirements, you must be a graduate of a recognized Bachelor of Nursing program and be licensed and currently registered with the registered nurses’ licensing body in the province where you will participate in clinical practice education. If your first or primary language is not English and/or your country is not exempt, you will need to meet English language requirements.
Congratulations! Your first step is to register for the first course NRSG 287 Foundations of Occupational Health Nursing offered in the next intake.

Courses are offered on a part–time bases with three possible intakes per year starting in fall (September – November,) winter (January – March,) and spring (April – June.) The online courses have definite start and end dates with each course.

Students enrolled in PRAC 214 - Occupational Health Nursing Practice Education will be provided with a clinical practice opportunity and spend 80 hours in an occupational health setting, preferably in an industry setting. You will be preceptored by registered nurse who is employed in an occupational setting and has formal Occupational Health Nursing education.

Visit the Prior Learning Recognition Credit page to see if you qualify for transfer credit(s).

The registration ends one week before the course start date.

Information on purchasing textbooks and course manuals will be provided when you register. Textbooks are available for purchase at the Campus Store.

Yes, there is flexibility in the delivery which supports students to work from home while maintaining work life balance. Most OHN students complete the program while working.

Program faculty are available to support you via telephone, Zoom or email. We encourage you to discuss any difficulties you encounter throughout the program with the faculty so that you can work together on strategies for success.

Students write their exams online from their home computer set up with our required security software.