Revised October 2022

Questions and answers for Medical Device Reprocessing Technician program 

There are four courses in the program and it is delivered by distance delivery. You will work through the course material (textbooks, course manuals) independently with faculty support. The program provides a study schedule to ensure that you complete the program by the end of the 24 weeks.

The MDRT program has some online enhancements such as videos, and pictures to assist your learning. You will also spend one day per course in an MDR department near you to complete your work-based learning experience (WBLE) assignment.

All exams are written at an approved testing center in or near your community.

Each work-based learning experience is an 8-hour shift observing an MDRT in an approved MDR department. You will attend one work-based learning experience per course (4 in total). Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled work-based learning (WBL) days. These unpaid work experiences are scheduled during the daytime, Monday to Friday.
An approved Medical Device Reprocessing department.

You will learn the roles and responsibilities of the MDRT. This can involve lots of standing, walking, and some heavy lifting (surgical pans can weigh up to 10 kg / 22 lbs).

While in the MDR department you are required to comply with the institutional dress code and to apply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Your instructor is available to support you by telephone, email, online communication tools (video chat) and, in some situations, in person.

You will write your online exams at an approved test site in or close to your home community. It will be assigned to you at the beginning of the program.

If you have previous experience in medical device reprocessing/sterile processing, please contact the MDRT program to determine if Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is appropriate.

When applying for PLAR, all education / post-secondary documents must be submitted with the application.

he program is offered three times a year:

  • August-February
  • October-April
  • January-June

Students are accepted into the program on a First Qualified/First Accepted basis.

Each intake is designed to enable you to maintain work and home commitments and still complete the program in 24 weeks.

The Medical Device Reprocessing Technician program is recognized by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as an educational provider of formal medical device reprocessing education.