Celebrating excellence in teaching and applied research

Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognizes and celebrates faculty

Through the Faculty Award for Excellence: Teaching and Applied Research Award of Excellence Saskatchewan Polytechnic acknowledges outstanding faculty members who go above and beyond.

“Saskatchewan Polytechnic student success is directly related to that of our faculty. Through their instruction and mentorship, they are helping students move forward in a competitive environment,” says Dr. Larry Rosia, president and CEO. “This year’s faculty award recipients have overcome extensive challenges as they remained connected to students even in a distant environment. My sincere thanks for all you do and congratulations on your success.”

Faculty Award for Excellence: Teaching 2021

Sask Polytech recognizes five faculty members for outstanding teaching. Recipients of the award provided supportive learning environments, inspired success in skill development and utilized the latest technologies to enhance learning and embody Sask Polytech’s core values. The Faculty Award for Excellence: Teaching recipients are:

Katherine Dyck, Arts and Sciences (Moose Jaw Campus)

Katherine provides excellent instruction to enhance student learning. She takes a collaborative approach to student well-being and leverages supports and institutional resources to ensure student success on an individual level.  Katherine believes in life-long learning and continues to develop her instructional ability and explore new teaching methods. She embraces technology and uses a wide variety of platforms to provide the best learning environment possible for students. Katherine promotes an inclusive environment. She is devoted to diversity and has developed several methods of interactive instruction that make students from all backgrounds feel welcome and comfortable, while also opening dialogue and creating a positive, learning environment. Katherine is very respectful of her colleagues and students, is cheerful, professional and engaging.

Theresa Papp, Business Certificate Program (Saskatoon Campus)

Theresa goes out of her way to provide excellent instruction during her courses. Theresa reinforces student knowledge and skills by incorporating alternative teaching techniques, practice assignments and immediate feedback. She incorporated breakout rooms, and interactive technology to keep students engaged. Theresa has an upbeat, positive attitude and provides a deep sense of understanding and care to her students. She is sensitive to the wellbeing of her students, checking on them at a personal level and offering support and encouragement when needed. She creates an inclusive environment, ensuring everyone has a voice while keeping conversations respectful and open. Theresa has a supportive and encouraging communication style. She created a welcoming learning environment, building student confidence and knowledge. She makes time to develop personal relationships with her students even through virtual classrooms.

Jeremiah Shaw, Autobody Program (Saskatoon Campus)

After taking classes from Jeremy, technicians are motivated to challenge themselves to a higher standard of success by modeling his professionalism and drive. He works closely with students of all levels to ensure their skills and knowledge are developing and on track. In addition to teaching, Jeremy works closely with external stakeholders, ensuring classroom instruction is meeting industry needs of the ever-changing automotive industry. Jeremy has a high level of customer service and attention to detail, solidifying Sask Polytech’s role as a viable partner and respected entity in the province and across the country. His honesty and relationship with potential students has been valuable in securing students for Sask Polytech and in proving to the industry that Sask Polytech truly cares about the well-being of students and stakeholders. Jeremy was instrumental in launching our new I-CAR collaborative program which brought industry and training partners together with several Sask Polytech departments.

Amanda Langman, Literacy and Adult Education (Regina Campus)

Amanda uses a variety of teaching and learning strategies to promote student engagement. The link between theory and practice is evident in classroom, lab, and online formats, whether she is demonstrating frequencies in air columns by playing her clarinet or illustrating chemical equilibrium by posting humorous cartoons. Amanda adheres to curriculum expectations, ensuring students are equipped for employment or post-secondary admission and she provides supplementary, course pre-requisite material for student self-reference. Amanda excels in choosing engagement opportunities where students participate in their own learning through demonstrations and presentations. She establishes a learning environment that promotes social values in an encouraging, positive atmosphere. Amanda’s lessons incorporate various forms of technology and she encourages her students to develop their technical skills through use of these platforms. Amanda is a conduit between her students and the resources they need to succeed. She is generous, kind and understanding.

Carol Hipfner, Psychiatric Nursing Diploma Program and Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing Degree (Regina Campus)

Carol consistently provides excellent instruction to students to enhance their learning. She offers students a safe and supportive environment where they are encouraged to share their personal learning needs and to reflect individually and collectively on their learning experience. She emphasizes how role modeling is an integral component of psychiatric nursing and is one of the best ways to teach its core competencies. Carol encourages students to be active participants in their own learning. She is open to the perspectives and suggestions of others. Carol enjoys participating in continuous learning and professional development activities to enhance her skills as an effective teacher. Most importantly Carol has a vision to role model to students how psychiatric nursing is key to have a positive impact on the patients we serve. Carol embraces and welcomes advancements in technology throughout her teaching, making the learning experience well-rounded and engaging for the students. Carol recognizes the importance of integrity and is committed to empowering others with her knowledge, skills, expertise, courage, humility, generosity, compassion, positivity, humor, responsibility, organization, passion, and a strong sense of ethical and moral values.

Applied Research Award of Excellence

At Sask Polytech, we solve real-world problems and come up with solutions to everyday challenges. Sask Polytech owes our strong reputation for success in applied research to the commitment and expertise of our faculty and researchers. This year, Sask Polytech recognized a faculty member who made significant contributions in the areas of applied research and innovation. The Applied Research Award of Excellence recipient is:

Dr. Terry Peckham, DICE director and research chair

Terry has an outstanding dedication to excellence and professionalism and always aims to improve and attract projects that elevate the applied research reputation of Sask Polytech. His leadership in directing and advising students and staff has been executed with humility and expertise in interactions with industry partners, sponsoring agencies, instructors and our valued students. Terry has demonstrated his excitement for industry evolution while being mindful of all levels of learning. Terry’s broad intelligence, enthusiasm and sensitivity positions him as a strong representative for the growth of applied research opportunities at Sask Polytech and with the Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE). Over the last six years Terry has worked on 66 applied research projects and has brought in $7,881,942 research revenue including $3,653,169 for this fiscal year. He currently has 28 students in applied research projects. Terry’s impact in the lives and careers of students and staff has been exceptional. Our alumni, staff and industry partners are grateful for his contributions over his many years of service.

Congratulations to this year's Faculty Award for Excellence: Teaching and Applied Research Award for Excellence recipients. We are extremely fortunate to have faculty that are not only experts in their fields, but also leaders in education. Thank you for all you do for our students and institution.