Transfer Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

When you transfer course credit(s) from one post-secondary institution (sending institution) to another (receiving institution).
Registered Saskatchewan Polytechnic students or applicants accepted into a programs or course(s) at Saskatchewan Polytechnic may apply for transfer credit.
Yes, Saskatchewan Polytechnic accepts transfer students from recognized post-secondary public and private institutions across Canada.
It is best to submit all post-secondary transcripts from other institutions at the time of application. If you are unable to do so, please note that they must be submitted no later than the program start date. Failure to do so may result in denied transferability. All applicants are encouraged to identify and apply for transfer credit as soon as possible after acceptance to a program.
  • If you have not already done so, request that an official transcript of your previous marks be sent directly to Saskatchewan Polytechnic Enrolment Services at the campus you plan on attending BEFORE the start date of your program.
  • Complete the application form which is available at the following link:, or from Saskatchewan Polytechnic Enrolment Services. Once you have completed the pertinent sections please submit the form to Enrolment Services.
  • Enrolment Services will inform you if the transfer credit you have requested: 1) can be awarded 2) is denied or 3) needs to be assessed by a faculty member.

If transfer credit can be awarded, Enrolment Services will inform you and make the entry on your academic record. You will also be informed if your request is denied. However, if faculty must assess your request you must compile and submit to Enrolment Services the following information about the course(s) you previously took:

  • a calendar description of the course(s),
  • the course syllabus or course outline which includes, if applicable, the learning outcomes of the course, course prerequisites, the length and/or duration of course, required textbooks and reading lists, assessment tools and other required resource material required.

If you do not have this course information you will have to request it from the sending institution and/or your previous professor/instructor. Enrolment Services will then send this course information and the Transfer Credit Request Form to the appropriate faculty member for an assessment of equivalency for transfer credit.

If the course from the sending post-secondary institution matches the vast majority of the content and learning outcomes of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic course, and if the course was taken within the stipulated time frame (usually within five years), the course will likely be granted transfer credit.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic does not charge a fee for applying for transfer credit. However the sending institution may charge a fee for issuing an official transcript and having it sent to Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Transfer credits are recorded as ‘TC’ on your official transcript and will not show up as a grade on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic student portal. Enrolment Services will email the completed Transfer Credit request form to your Saskatchewan Polytechnic email account.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic will grant transfer credit for up to 75% of the courses required for a specific program.
Transfer Credit courses are not included in the calculation of GPA (Grade Point Averages).

Saskatchewan Polytechnic does not grant transfer credit when:

  1. a course does not meet most of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic course requirements
  2. a course differs sufficiently so that students have not acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in more advanced Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses.
  3. a course is not taught at the appropriate post-secondary level and
  4. a course is not applicable to any credential being sought.

Note: If the course does not provide the required skills and knowledge to grant transfer credit then it may be used by you as a component of a PLAR (Prior Learning and Recognition) assessment. The PLAR assessment would incorporate your academic course along with other methods of learning to provide evidence of the learning required to achieve a specific course credit.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Saskatchewan Learning have transfer equivalency credit agreements in place for some high school computer courses. Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Saskatchewan Learning also offer a selection of dual credit courses.
  • You must have achieved a passing grade for the course which you are requesting an assessment for transfer credit.
  • The course must have been taken within the past five years.
  • Your official transcripts must have been sent directly to Saskatchewan Polytechnic Enrolment Services prior to the start date of your program.
  • You must have completed and submitted Saskatchewan Polytechnic Credit Request form to Saskatchewan Polytechnic Enrolment Services.
  • If your request requires faculty assessment, you will also have to submit a course information package to Enrolment Services which is described in detail above.

Once all of the required documentation is received the transfer credit assessment process should take no longer than 2 weeks.