PLAR Process

PLAR is available to individuals who seek course or program level certification assessment and are registered in a Saskatchewan Polytechnic program. PLAR is also available to individuals who are unclassified students and seek credit at the course level. 

  1. Explore all options for advance credit to choose the best fit for you.

  2. Learn the basics about PLAR so you can successfully navigate the process.

    • Review these PLAR steps thoroughly.
    • Review the PLAR frequently asked questions.
    • Follow links for additional information.
    • Use the contact information provided to seek further information, as needed.
  3. Find out how PLAR works in a particular program.

    • Find your program(s) of interest.
    • Scroll down a program’s webpage to select the PLAR and Transfer Credit section.
    • Select the Candidate Guide link, if there is one. Read the guide thoroughly before contacting a program head/consultant.
    • If there is no link to a Candidate Guide for a program, phone 306-765-1652 or email to request PLAR information for that program.
  4. Choose courses and prepare for consultation.

    • Estimate how closely your skills and knowledge match a course’s learning outcomes before committing to a PLAR challenge.
    • Complete the self-rating checklist and review assessment methods for PLARable courses in a program’s Candidate Guide.
    • Print the PLAR application form (pdf) and completed self-rating checklists (if available) and either send beforehand or take them to the consultation meeting.
  5. Consult and get approved for PLAR.

    • Arrange a meeting with the program’s program head/PLAR consultant. If contact information is not in a Candidate Guide, phone 306-765-1652 or email to request that information.
    • The consultant will clarify PLAR eligibility, fees, timelines and assessment methods.
    • The consultant’s signed approval is required on your PLAR application form (pdf). If approved for PLAR, the consultant will provide assessment instructions.
  6. Register for PLAR and pay fees.

    • Submit the completed PLAR application form (pdf) in person, or by email attachment, fax or mail to Registration Services at one of our four campuses: Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, or Moose Jaw.
    • Pay fees
      • In person with cash, cheque, debit card, or credit card
      • By mail with a cheque and the application form
      • By phone with a credit card.
    • You will not be registered for the course challenge until the fee is paid.
  7. Complete the PLAR assessment.

    • Assessment may involve one or more different assessment methods to complete requirements for a course or course block. 
    • The assessor will evaluate all evidence and submit results to Registration Services within a reasonable time.
  8. Find out your results

    • If successful, the course credit(s) will appear on your transcript. You can login to mySaskPolytech to view/print an unofficial transcript or request an official transcript. 
    • If unsuccessful, you will receive mailed or emailed notice with options for follow up:
      • consult with the program head for advice,
      • appeal the evaluation, and/or
      • take the course.