Lorna Weisbrod

RN, BScN, MA-IS (Adult Education/Work, Organization, and Leadership)

Senior Clinical Placement Coordinator


Areas of Expertise

  • Clinical placement coordination
  • Work, organization, and leadership
  • Adult education
  • Patient Safety
  • Workplace violence

Related Professional Experience

  • Chair & Member - Clinical Collaboration Committee
  • Member - SCBScN Curriculum Committee
  • Placement Coordinator - Health Science Placement (HSP) Network
  • HSPnet Peer Support Network Mentor
  • Past Member - CRNS Registration and Membership Committee
  • Past Chair & Member - Saskatchewan Polytechnic Applied Research Review Committee
  • Past Member, Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) Patient Safety Task Force
  • Past Member - Saskatchwan Polytechnic SChool of Nursing Clinical Education / Placement Project Team
  • Developer / Assessor, Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) of NEPS 115.3 (Core Concepts of Care)
  • Curriculum Co-Developer, Saskatchewan Polytechnic School of Nursing Patient Safety Core Curriculum

Selected Publications

  • Contributer to:  Press, M., Davies, S., Bullin, C. (2020, February). Technology pathways to enhance readiness for professional practice: Clinical nursing education in Saskatchewan.  Prepared for the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program offered jointly by Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing offered by the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Nursing Students' Perceptions of Workplace Violence: A Feminist Research Study (Weisbrod, 2007)