Jayne Naylen Horbach


Faculty - Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN)


Areas of Expertise

  • Online Teaching and Course Facilitation
  • Clinical Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
  • Population Health & Community Partnerships
  • Community Health Development
  • Leadership & Mentorship
  • Maternal, Child & Family Health

Related Professional Experience

  • Public Health Nurse (Casual), Saskatchewan Health Authority
  • Registrar & Deputy Registrar, College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS)
  • Nursing Advisor, SCBScN
  • Instructor, Continuing Education, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Faculty Certificate Program [Teaching & Learning], Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Patient orientated research.

Selected Publications

  • Sarah Kostiuk-Linford and Jayne Naylen Horbach (March 2018). Anticipating and Addressing Challenges Utilizing Patient Oriented Research. Journal of Nursing and HealthCare, 3(1). ISSN 2475-529X.
  • Press, M., McFarlane-Smood, D., Hart, P., Naylen Horbach, J., & Zip, H. (2017). Leadership and corporate safety. In Chirkov, V., Anonson, J., Press, M., Gerrard, A., & Ha, C. (Eds.). Enhancing cultures of safety and safety engagement in the Saskatchewan mining industry: A collaborative and multidisciplinary inquiry. Saskatoon, SK Canada: International Minerals Innovation Institute.
  • Naylen Horbach, J., Anonson, J., & Kostiuk, S. (April 2017). Case study from Canada. In N. Gopee, & J. Galloway, Leadership and Management in Healthcare (3rd ed.). London, UK: Sage Publications Ltd.

Selected Grants and/or Research Projects

  • How does Maintaining and Creating Social Networks affect the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Refugees in Saskatchewan? (2017-2019) Grant: $40000.00. Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research. [SCPOR] Principle Investigator: Dr. Sarah Kostiuk-Linford / Co-Investigators: Jayne Naylen Horbach, Laura Strong, Karen Baily-Dubois, Dhaka Tiwari, Lili Htoo
  • How Does Conceptual Quilting Correspond with Active Learning and Critical Thinking Frameworks with Baccalaureate Nursing Students in Community Clinical? (2017-2018) Grant: $2500.00
    School of Nursing Grant Co-Principle Investigators: Dr. Sarah Kostiuk-Linford and Jayne Naylen Horbach