Paul Carter, Dean
Joseph A. Remai School of Construction

Dean's Message

Paul CarterSaskatchewan is an enviable place to be—especially if you’re considering a career in construction. Construction is one of the province’s key economic drivers and forecasts show that demand for skilled workers in the field will remain strong.

Our Joseph A. Remai School of Construction offers a diversity of programs that can give you the credentials to launch or redirect your career. We offer certificates, technology diplomas and apprenticeship training. Our relationships with employers and their participation on our advisory committees make certain that your program provides the skills and educational experiences you need to succeed.

As the dean of the Joseph A. Remai School of Construction, I can assure you that whether you choose a diploma, certificate or apprenticeship program, Saskatchewan Polytechnic is committed to providing you with practical skills that will let you thrive in today’s economy.


Paul joined Saskatchewan Polytechnic in 2017 as the dean. He has held several progressing positions in post-secondary institutions in Canada. Paul is passionate about student success and serving the evolving needs of the construction industry.