Learning Technologies projects in development are key to the success of Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s vision to be a global leader in innovative education and that will have long-term benefits for our students and employees.

Learning Platforms Modernization

The Learning Platforms Modernization (LPM) initiative began in 2013, with the intent of modernizing and expanding the learning technology ecosystem at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Multiple projects are planned and in progress to acquire, implement and integrate software products and best of breed development processes to support pedagogically sound Blended Learning.

The LPM initiative scope includes:

  1. Replacing current end-of-life Blackboard LMS with a leading integrated learning platform, Brightspace (Completed in June 2014).
  2. Identifying and standardizing additional learning tools.
  3. Developing support models and procedures, including maintaining interactive online guides and resources.
  4. Developing a comprehensive organization change management plan regarding vision, training, educational technology integration and related processes.
  5. Creating online training courses for blended teaching/learning models.
  6. Incorporating mobile-ready teaching and learning models including blended learning.

Common Video Foundation

The goal of the common video foundation project is to design and implement the foundational components for an institution-wide video platform to support and enable video acquisition, editing, transcoding and distribution. Implementing technology, processes and support systems that are able to continually scale to meet increasing demand will be a key priority and will support blended learning and live streaming video into remote sites.

Update! The Kaltura video platform was implemented in support of this project. The pilot phase has been completed. Kaltura is now integrated into Brightspace / D2L. It will soon be considered production ready.

Blended Learning Transformation

The blended learning transformation project will develop a strategy to thoughtfully integrate learning experiences at SaskPolytech (e.g., classroom, practical learning, online, professional development, collaboration) with educational technologies to improve development and delivery of instruction. Blended learning intends to enhance flexibility and access as well as the optimization of resources and provision of digital literacies. Included with the blended learning transformation will be faculty development, online student support services and prioritization of courses to develop, as well as courses to migrate.