How Do I ...

Create a new online course?

Please contact the project manager, Marnie Knelsen at, if you would like to create a completely online course. Marnie can guide you through the entire process from funding proposals to a completed product.

Obtain technology training?

There are several ways to obtain technology training:

  • A variety of self-help services and resources are available for students and faculty. You'll find training resources in mySaskPolytech.
  • There is a educational technology trainer on each campus. You'll find the listing of trainers on the departments page.

Influence educational technology planning?

You are invited to provide input about your educational technology needs to support Planning to enhance instruction and business operations. Please also inform Nicholas Crosby at about innovative educational technology practices so they can be shared with our Saskatchewan Polytechnic community.

Inquire about technology for a classroom?

Contact Ray Steele, AV Coordinator at or talk to an AV tech in your local AV services area.

Inquire about developing videos or other media in the SaskPolytech production studio

Contact Ray Steele at  or Marcy Ramage at

Get more help?

If you are a student:

  • Contact your instructor for content related issues.
  • Contact the Helpdesk for technical support.

If you are an instructor:

  • Contact the faculty trainer at your campus regarding training issues. You'll find the listing of trainers on the departments page or you can find training resources in mySaskPolytech.