Acronym Listing

These are common Saskatchewan Polytechnic relevant acronyms and was last updated September 2014. Refer to the style guide for information about how to use acronyms.

Some programs and industries may have specific acronyms. Check with your program faculty for more details.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   Y

- A -

ACCC - Association of Canadian Community Colleges
ACCE – American Counsel for Construction Education
ACE – Aboriginal Circle of Educators
ACP – Advanced Care Paramedic
ACR – Advanced Certification, Radiological Technology
ADM – Assistant Deputy Minister
AE – Advanced Education
AEC – Aboriginal Education Council
AEDP – Aboriginal Employee Development Plan
AESP – Aboriginal Enriched Support Program
AgFITT - Agriculture Forum for International Trade Training
APAG – Action Plan on Accountability and Governance
ART – Advanced Registered Technologist (Medical Laboratory)
ASAP – Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan
ASC – Administrative Services’ Council
ASEP - Automotive Services Education Program
ASETS – Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy
ASSS – Aboriginal Student Success Strategy
AUCC - Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
AVP – Associate Vice-President
AY - Academic Year

- B -

BDA – Business Development & Advancement
BCIT - British Columbia Institute of Technology
BE - Basic Education
BGI – Brown Governance Inc.
BOD – Board of Directors
BSC – Balanced Scorecard
BScCM – Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

- C -

CA – Chartered Accountant
CAAE - Canadian Association for Adult Education
CACEE – Canadian Association of Career Education and Employers
CACUSS – Canadian Association of College and University Student Services
CADSPEE – Canadian Association of Disability Service Providers in Post-Secondary Education
CADTH – Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technologies in Health
CAF – Canadian Apprenticeship Forum
CAMRT – Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists
CARS - Canadian Automotive Repair and Service
CASA - Canadian Association of School Administrators
CASFAA – Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
CBE - Competency Based Education
CCI – College and Community Innovation Program
CBIE - Canadian Bureau for International Education
CCA – Continuing Care Assistant
CCAE – Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education
CCHSA – Canadian College Health Service Association
CCL – Canadian Council on Learning
CCTT - Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists
CCSIS – Community College Student Information System
CD – Campus Director
CE - Continuing Education
CEA – Canadian Education Association
CEC – Continuing Education Consultant
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
CFI – Canadian Foundation for Innovation
CFIB – Canadian Federation of Independent Business
CGA - Certified General Accountant
CHIMA – Canadian Health Information Management Association
CIC – Crown Investments Corporation
CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency
CIHR – Canadian Institutes of Health Research
CIRPA - Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association
CLXT – Combined Laboratory & XRay Technologist
CMA - Certified Management Accountant OR
Canadian Medical Association
CMA-CAS – Canadian Medical Association – Conjoint Accreditation Services
CMS – Centennial Merit Scholarship
Co-op Ed - Co-operative Education
CRF – Conflict Resolution Facilitator
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
CSCES – Canada-Saskatchewan Career & Employment Services
CSMLS – Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
CSTEC - Canadian Steel Trade and Employment Congress
CTAB - Canadian Technology Accreditation Board
CUCCA – Canadian University and College Counselling Association
CVMA – Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
CWB - Canadian Welding Bureau

- D -

DAR – Donor & Alumni Relations
DC – Deans’ Council
DM – Deputy Minister
DTI - Dumont Technical Institute
DVM – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

- E -

EA – Executive Assistant
EAD - Education Advisory Board
EDO - Earned Day Off
EFAP - Employee and Family Assistance Program
EIC - Employment Insurance Commission
EIFC – Education Infrastructure Financing Corporation
ELL- English Language Learners
ELT- English Language Training
ERM – Enterprise Risk Management
ES – Educational Services
ESIS – Enhanced Student Information System
ESL - English as a Second Language
ESWS – Essential Skills Workplace Services

- F -

FAC - Facilities
FCP – Faculty Certificate Program
FCR – Foreign Credential Recognition
FCSC – Funeral and Cremation Service Council
FITT - Forum for International Trade Training
FLE - Full Load Equivalent
FNUC – First Nations University of Canada
FNTI – First Nations Technical Institute
FOI – Freedom of Information
FS – Financial Services
FSC – Facilities Steering Committee
FSIN - Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
FT – Full Time
FTE - Full-Time Equivalent

- G -

GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAAS - Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
GAC – Governance and Accountability Committee
GDI - Gabriel Dumont Institute
GED - General Educational Development

- H -

HETT – Heavy Equipment and Truck and Transport
HIM – Health Information Management
HR - Human Resources
HRSDC - Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
HSURC – Health Services Utilization & Research Commission

- I -

IAA – Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs
IABC - International Association of Business Communicators
ICD – Institute of Corporate Directors
ICP – Intermediate Care Paramedic
IEC – International Education Committee
IFHIMA – International Federation of Health Information Management Association
ILDC – Instructional & Leadership Development Centre
IMII – International Minerals Innovation Institute
IR - Information Resources
IR&A – Institutional Research & Analysis
ISC – Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan
ISO - International Standards Organization
IT – Information Technology
ITS – Information Technology Services

- J -

JEAC – Job Evaluation Appeal Committee
JEC – Job Evaluation Committee
JES – Job Evaluation System
JIQ – Job Information Questionnaire
JS/FS – JobStart/Future Skills

- K -

KIP – Knowledge Infrastructure Program
KPI – Key Performance Indicators

- L -

LAFOIP – The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
LAN - Local Area Network
LC – Learning Commons
LEADS - League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents
LINC - Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada
LOA – Leave of Absence
LP/PMO – Lean Promotion and Project Management Office
LPM – Learning Platform Modernization
LRB – Labour Relations Board
LTD – Long Term Disability

- M -

MCS – Ministry of Central Services
MEPP – Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan
MET – Mining Engineering Technology
METSI – Métis Employment & Training of Saskatchewan Inc.
MLA – Medical Laboratory Assistant
MLT – Medical Laboratory Technologist
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MP – Member of Parliament
MRT – Medical Radiation Technologist

- N -

NAIT - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
NAPN – Native Access Program to Nursing
NEC – Native Education Council
NEPS - Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan
NIC – Newcomer and International Student Centre
NITHA – Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority
NIO – New Instructor Orientation
NOA – Net Operating Assets
NRC – National Research Council
NSEADP - Native Special Education Assistant Diploma Program
NSERC – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
NSIM - Non Status Indian and Métis
NTP - Northern Training Plan

- O -

OARI – Office of Applied Research and Innovation
OCP – Operating & Capital Plan
ODS/EDW – Operational Data Store/Enterprise Data Warehouse
OF – Operations Forecast
OHS – Occupational Health & Safety
OOS – Out-of-scope

- P -

PAA – Practical and Applied Arts
PAC - Program Advisory Committee OR
Paramedic Association of Canada
PAGC – Prince Albert Grand Council
PALS - Principles of Alphabet Literacy System
PC - Program Council
PCP – Primary Care Paramedic
PD - Professional Development
PEBA - Public Employees’ Benefits Agency
PEDP - Public Employees’ Dental Plan
PEPP - Public Employees’ Pension Plan
PH – Program Head
PIN – Postsecondary International Network
PLAR - Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
PMC – Portfolio Management Committee
PMP – Performance Management Plan
PN – Practical Nursing
PPS – Personnel Policy Secretariat
PSA – Palliser Students’ Association
PSBU – Professional Services Bargaining Unit
PSC - Public Service Commission
PSIS – Post-secondary Student Information System
PSSP – Public Service Superannuation Plan
PSU – Professional Services’ Unit
PT – Part Time
PTA - Provincial Training Allowance

- Q -

QLO - Quality Learning Organization
QS - Quick Skills

- R -

R&D - Research and Development
RC – Regional College
RCE – Regional Centres of Excellence
RETEPs - Regional Education Training and Employment Partnerships
RFP – Request for Proposal
RN – Registered Nurse
ROI – Return on Investment
RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning
RPN - Registered Psychiatric Nurse
RPNAS - Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan
RREDA – Regina Regional Economic Development Authority Inc.
RTSC – Regina Trades and Skills Centre
RVT – Registered Veterinary Technologist

- S -

SAs – Student Associations
SAC – Saskatchewan Polytechnic Appeal Committee
SACLXT – Saskatchewan Association of Combined Laboratory & XRay Technicians
SAHSN - Saskatchewan Academic Health Sciences Network
SAIT - Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
SALL - Saskatchewan Association of Lifelong Learning
SALPN - Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses
SALT - Senior Academic Leadership Team
SAMRT – Saskatchewan Association of Medical Radiation Technologists
SAO – Saskatchewan Polytechnic Administrative Offices
SaskGETT - Saskatchewan Girls Exploring Trades and Technology
SASTT - Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians
SAT – Senior Academic Team
SATCC – Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission
SAVT – Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists
SCA – Saskatchewan Construction Association
SCN - Saskatchewan Communications Network
SCoP – Saskatchewan College of Paramedics
SCORE - Saskatoon Centre of Reading Excellence
SCTA – Saskatchewan Cardiology Technologists Association
SCTT - Saskatchewan Council of Technicians and Technologists
SELU – Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit
SEM – Strategic Enrolment Management
SEMSA – Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Association
SFA – SIAST Faculty Association
SFIN – Saskatchewan Federation of Indian Nations
SGEU - Saskatchewan Government Employees’ Union
SHASS – Science and Health Aboriginal Success Strategy
SHEQAB – Saskatchewan Higher Education Quality Assurance Board
SHIMA – Saskatchewan Health Information Management Association
SHRC - Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
SIAST - Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
SIASTSA – SIAST Students’ Association (Kelsey and Woodland Campuses) Inc.
SIDRU – Saskatchewan Instructional Development & Research Unit
SIFC - Saskatchewan Indian Federated College
SIIT - Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
SIRPAP – SIAST Information Resources Planning and Prioritization Committee
SITAC - Saskatchewan Industrial Training Advisory Council
SLMC – Saskatchewan Labour Market Commission
SMA - Senior Management Assembly
SMC - Senior Management Council
SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises
SRC - Saskatchewan Research Council
SREDA - Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority
SRNA - Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association
SS – Student Services
SSBA – Saskatchewan School Boards Association
SSE – Summer Student Employment
SSEP - Saskatchewan Skills Extension Program
SSHRC – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
SSMLT – Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists
SSW – Summer Student Works
STAT – Saskatchewan Teachers of Applied Technology
STEC - Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council
STEP - Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership
STF - Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
STSC – Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre
SUTIL - Saskatchewan Universities and Technical Institutes Liaison
SUTNA – Saskatchewan Urban Training Needs Assessment
SVMA – Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association

- T -

TB - Trade Board
TCDC - Transportation Careers Development Centre
TEL - Technology Enhanced Learning
TIF – Technology Innovation Fund
TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
TOR – Terms of Reference
TOWES – Test of Workplace Essential Skills
TPHD - Temporary Performance of Higher Duties
TSR – Training System Review

- V -

VoIP – Voice Over IP
VPAS – Vice-President, Administrative Services

- W -

WAN – Wide Area Network
WB – Work-Based Training
WCA – Western Canadian Average
WCB - Workers’ Compensation Board
WEST – Work-based Essential Skills Training
WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems
WITT - Women in Trades and Technology
WSA – Wascana Students’ Association/Woodland Students’ Association