Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE)

DICE is Saskatchewan’s first Technology Access Centre (TAC) funded by NSERC and Innovation Saskatchewan.  

DICE performs applied research in a diversity of sectors. Common to them all is their use of sensors or computers—a tie that binds nearly every aspect of modern life. Today, devices create, manipulate, analyze, store, transmit or display data. By extension, data is at the core of what DICE does.

Data, networking, analysis (DNA)

At the heart of all biological systems, DNA informs the various process, structures and responses in all of nature from the small to the very large. Similarly in a business system, data has become the entity that informs the various processes, structures and responses that enable organizations to survive and thrive.

DICE team

The DICE team of specialists and technologists are all experienced in providing digital solutions focused on data across a spectrum of industries.


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DICE services are supported in part by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), through a funding agreement with Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

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