Copying Guidelines

The Saskatchewan Polytechnic community, including faculty members, professional services members, out-of-scope members, and students use copyrighted materials every day. Our institution operates under a "Use of Copyrighted Materials" policy, number 117. Two procedures are related to this policy, the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Copying Guidelines and the Fair Dealing Guidelines.

Most material is copyrighted by default, whether the © symbol appears or not. You need to determine whether or not permission must be sought and granted by the copyright owner before making copies or reproductions of material you have not created.

The following factors need to be considered before making copies of material.

  1. Is the reuse one of the following situations? If so, permission is not required.

    • Copying an insubstantial amounts of material, such as a quote.
    • Linking to material on a web page, web site, or Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library database. Linking to material does not constitute reproduction and does not trigger the requirement of permission or payment.
    • Stating a fact.
    • Creating a new work from an idea.
    • Copying material no longer protected by copyright. In Canada, copyright protection ends 50 years after the death of the author.
  2. Does the copyrighted material provide permission for reuse?

    • Many federal government and provincial government documents and web pages provide permission to reproduce for personal or public non-commercial use.
    • Creative Commons, Open Access, and other licensing options provide more opportunities for reuse than the default “all rights reserved”.
  3. Does Saskatchewan Polytechnic have a license to use the material?

    • The Saskatchewan Polytechnic library purchases licenses from vendors to provide access to digital content, including published material and streaming video. Access may be via linking only or reproduction may be allowed. Check the terms of use for a work (journal, book, e-book, video, etc) available through the library website or ask your librarian.
    • Program areas may purchase licenses for resources specific to their program area.
  4. Is the intended reuse a fair dealing?

    • Fair dealing is a is a user right in Canadian copyright law, permitting use, or “dealing”, with a copyrighted work without permission from the copyright owner or the payment of royalty fees.
    • Saskatchewan Polytechnic operates under fair dealing guidelines, which specify allowable purposes, what amount of material may be copied, to who the copied material may be distributed, and the citation and notice required.
  5. Does a special exception in the Copyright Act apply to the reuse?

    • The Copyright Act provides other exceptions for users of copyrighted material. These include fair dealing exceptions for individuals and limited exceptions for educational institutions, libraries, archives, and museums, and persons with perceptual disabilities.

More information is available on mySaskPolytech:

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  • Copying and Fair Dealing Guidelines - Program Operating Procedures (POP) manual.