Indigenous Strategy Funded Applications

Indigenous Strategy Funded Applications 

Program details

As a part of our Indigenous Student Success Strategy, we launched a pilot program in October 2021 to cover the application fee for prospective Indigenous students. Phase two of the pilot program will run from January 24 - February 14, 2022. Indigenous applicants who apply during this period may be eligible to have their application fee ($75 for an online application or $100 for a paper application) covered.

Prospective students can apply online or by paper (pdf) to their preferred program. Prior to submitting your application, prospective students will connect with an Indigenous student advisor to declare your Indigenous identity and provide documentation. Applicants will have until February 18 to submit their Indigenous identity documentation.

Applications steps

  1. Apply online at or by paper (pdf) between January 24 - February 14, 2022.
  2. Complete each section of the Application Checklist including name, contact information, personal information, planned program of study, high school and post-secondary education. Once complete, click Finish Later. Do not click on Application is Complete.
  3. Connect with a Sask Polytech Indigenous student advisor at to verify your Indigenous identity before your application is submitted.
  4. Submit your Indigenous identity documentation by February 18, 2022.
  5. The Indigenous student advisor will submit your completed application to Enrolment Services once your Indigenous identity has been verified.

Q&A Sessions

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Anyone of Indigenous ancestry including Status/Treaty Indian, Non-Status Indian, Métis and Inuit. Individuals that have already applied or are enrolled in a program are ineligible.
One application fee per applicant will be covered.
No, the funded applications program covers the application fee of $75 (online applications) or $100 (paper applications), not your program tuition.
Follow the online application process and provide all of the necessary information. When completed, click Finish Later as you will need to contact an Indigenous student advisor at to begin the Indigenous identity verification process prior to submitting your application. Once the verification process is complete, the Indigenous Students' Centre will submit your application to Enrolment Services for admissions consideration.
Prior to your application being submitted, applicants will be required to produce their treaty or Métis card to an Indigenous student advisor. If applicants do not possess formal documentation, an Indigenous student advisor will work with you to verify lineage through other means. Verification must be submitted by February 18, 2022 to have your fee covered.
You must apply between January 24 - February 14, 2022. Verification must be submitted by February 18, 2022 to have your fee covered.
Saskatchewan Polytechnic is committed to making Indigenous education a priority and we recognize that Indigenous students face unique barriers to accessing post-secondary education. This program will remove the financial barrier of applying to a program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

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