Indigenous Student Success Strategy

Indigenous Student Success Strategy Advisory Committee

The Indigenous Student Success Strategy (formerly known as the Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan) advisory committee is a multidisciplinary group of individuals from across the Saskatchewan Polytechnic community that aims to balance Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. .

Committee History

The committee formed in 2008 and completed an eight-month study to identify remaining barriers to Indigenous student recruitment and program completion at Sask Polyech. The final report contains 21 recommendations.

The advisory committee continues to guide strategy implementation, provide support to the institution’s process of Indigenization and look for new ways to ensure the institution remains engaged in discussion.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Acts as champions for the Indigenous Student Success Strategy initiative;
  • Receives regular updates on the progress of the initiative;
  • Reviews and providing feedback on recommendations from initiative working committees;
  • Discusses and provides input on issues that arise as part of the initiative implementation;
  • Reviews and provides feedback on recommended strategies to address barriers to recruitment and program completion; and
  • Provides assistance with ongoing prioritization of initiative strategies and actions. 

Committee members are appointed for a term of either two or three years to allow for planned replacement of committee members. Committee members may serve more than one term. The student representative will be replaced annually to allow for rotation through the campus student associations.

Committee for the 2017-18 Academic Year


Julian Tomlinson and Jason Seright


Dennis Johnson, Faye McKay, Tobi Strohan, Terence Carswell, Gayle Churchill, Sharon Ahenakew, Derek Tannis , Cory Amiskusees, Deanna Speidel, Brianna Bergeron, Janet Korpan, Bob Daniels (Misty Adventures Inc. of Mistawasis First Nation) and Amy Briley (Gabriel Dumont Institute).