Informational interviews are discussions that career explorers have with individuals who are working in fields that interest them. For example, a career explorer interested in medical laboratory technology may visit or call a local lab and ask to speak with one of the technologists working there, asking him or her specific occupation-related questions. At the end of an Informational Interview, you are likely to have gathered valuable first hand career information and be in a better position to decide if an occupation is right for you!

How to organize an informational interview

Step one: Identify careers that interest you.

Step two: Identify individuals that you would like to talk to.

Step three: Contact them by phone, email or in person.

Step four: Tell them that you are exploring your career options and were wondering if you could ask them questions about their occupation.

Questions to ask

  1. Although each day at your job may be different, tell me what a somewhat typical day may involve (specifically the hours of work, tasks, responsibilities etc.).

  2. Describe what your physical work environment is like?

  3. What is your training/education background and your career path?

  4. How would you describe a person who you think would be a great fit for this career?

  5. What do you like about your job?

  6. What do you dislike or find most challenging about your job?

  7. Have you found it easy or difficult to find work in this field?

  8. What do you think job prospects are like for current job seekers in this field?

  9. What are starting wages in this line or work? Do you feel that your current wages are appropriate for the job you are doing?

  10. Can you comment on what your work/life balance is like? Do you feel it is adequate?

  11. What comments/ suggestions may you have for someone who is considering pursuing this career?

  12. If you could go back and do anything differently on your career path, what would you do?

  13. How do you see this career changing in the next 10 years?

  14. Who else would you recommend I speak to about this career?