Saskatchewan Polytechnic has had a comprehensive Education Equity Program since 1990. This allows us to work towards developing a student body that represents every segment of Saskatchewan's population. The Education Equity program, in accordance with Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission guidelines, seeks to assure enrolment and graduation of these designated groups:

To achieve our Education Equity goals, we take measures to identify, eliminate and/or reduce systemic practices that may have the effect of creating discriminatory barriers for members from the designated groups. Some of the measures we take to increase opportunities and support for the designated groups include:

  • arranging testing accommodations
  • coordinating access to programs
  • coordinating technical aids
  • peer note-taking
  • pre-testing
  • providing culturally sensitive counselling
  • program planning
  • providing pre-admission consultations
  • tutorial support may be an option; however, there is no guarantee of tutor availability

At Saskatchewan Polytechnic, we understand that sometimes services must be provided to students in a variety of ways to achieve the goals of fair representation. Therefore, the range of services provided for Education Equity students is as diverse as the needs of those students. We strive for equity (not uniformity) and provide varied services for students with differing needs.

There is support at each campus for guidance and advice related to the range of services and provisions available for applicants and students from the four groups targeted under the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Education Equity Program

To be eligible to receive the services provided under our Education Equity Program, you must self-identify on your application form. 

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