Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing External Review

2018 summary 

On August 31, 2018, Saskatchewan Polytechnic submitted a comprehensive package of information, as outlined in the 2017 Institutional Self-Evaluation Guidelines for Re-authorization Review, to the Saskatchewan Higher Education Quality Assurance (SHEQAB). The report outlined how Saskatchewan Polytechnic has assumed responsibility for the ongoing quality assurance of the Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing (BPN) program through the organization’s external review policy for authorized degrees. The submission included an extensive program self-study, the external program review report completed, and all additional information required by SHEQAB as outlined in the guidelines.

An external review was conducted by a panel of experts in the field who met the qualifications outlined by the SHEQAB; the review was conducted in June 2018. The external panel highlighted no significant changes were required to the Saskatchewan Polytechnic BPN program. 

On September 17, 2018, Saskatchewan Polytechnic received the initial feedback and questions from the SHEQAB in follow up to the August 31, 2018, submission. The response to the SHEQAB feedback, submitted in October 2018, included: clarification on terminology and materials submitted; clarification on use of electronic meeting methods for the external review; and an update on Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Academic Council.