Leadership for Safety Professionals

Sask Polytech recognizes the need to provide safety focused training that builds leadership capacity with a safety, administration, and site management perspective. The Leadership for Safety Excellence applied certificate is made up of eight courses (240 hours) and students who complete the six courses in the Leadership Skills certificate of achievement first will be eligible for dual credentials.

Safety in the workplace requires leadership and an understanding of the importance of administrators, employers and workers roles and responsibilities.  Communication, evaluation of workplace hazards, inspections, incident investigation, a safe workplace culture, and leadership are all essential components to ensure that every team member goes home safe at the end of their workday.  The leadership for Safety Excellence applied certificate courses build on the six courses in the Leadership Skills certificate of achievement with an additional 60 hours.

The learning path to receive dual credentials in the Leadership Skills program is to take the first six courses in the Leadership Skills certificate of achievement (LEAD 115, MGMT 115, SUPR 115, LEAD 116, MGMT 116 and MGMT 189) and apply to graduate with the certificate of achievement prior to taking the Leadership for Safety Excellence applied certificate courses (LEAD 121 and LEAD 122).  Only taking the courses using this learning path will allow you to be eligible for the Leadership Skills certificate of achievement and the Leadership in Safety Excellence applied certificate.  You can take all 8 courses in any order and be eligible to graduate with the Leadership for Safety Excellence applied certificate.

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Use the Leadership for Safety Excellence applied certificate program to enhance business relationships and open doors to supervisory and management positions.  You will find leadership opportunities in every industry, from construction to manufacturing, health to hospitality, IT to professional services.  This program is a great opportunity for people in existing management roles to develop and enhance their leadership skills.  Typical job titles vary by industry, but include lead hand, team lead, sales supervisor, shift manager, site manager, operations managers, general manager and more.  Whether you are wanting to move into or are currently in a leadership role, learn with us and we will bring out the leader in you!

Part-time delivery

Students do not apply to this program, but take courses part time and apply to graduate (pdf) through Enrolment Services once all courses are completed.

To register for individual courses, please view the part-time offerings available in the Courses section below.


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  • Open Access

Note: You do not apply or have admission requirements assessed for this program. You take courses through Continuing Education. Once you have successfully completed all the courses in the program, simply apply to graduate.

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2023-24 academic year

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