Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Ground School

Whether you pilot a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) for recreation, as part of your business, or as a career, drone pilots are now required to pass a Transport Canada exam and obtain a Pilot Certificate to fly legally.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic and CTS Tek have developed two courses to assist you in preparing for the Basic or Advanced Transport Canada Exam, dependent on the category of certification you require.

You will receive a Sask Polytech Statement of Achievement upon completion of each course.


Advanced RPAS Ground School

Advanced RPAS Pilot Certification is required if you want to fly any RPAS in Controlled Airspace (i.e. where you will need to effectively communicate with Air Traffic Controllers), and/or you want to fly within 30 m (100 feet) horizontally of bystanders, and/or you want to fly over bystanders.

This is a comprehensive course that will help students gain the knowledge needed to prepare for the Advanced Transport Canada exam. This course is intended for those who operate in restricted airspace and covers the required knowledge in the areas of air law, RPAS airframes, power plants, human factors, meteorology, navigation, flight operations, theory of flight and radiotelephony. This course is delivered asynchronously online with instructor support and requires aproximately 24 hours (3 days) to complete.

Note: passing the written exam is the first step in receiving an Advanced Pilot Certification. At their own cost, students must also complete a Flight Review as part of the licensing process through a Certified Flight Reviewer. A list of Certified Flight Reviewers will be provided.

Basic RPAS Ground School

Basic RPAS Pilot Certification is required to operate any RPAS that weigh over 250 g, providing that you fly in uncontrolled airspace, you fly more than 30 m (100 feet) horizontally from bystanders, and you never fly over bystanders.

Students will gain the knowledge needed to prepare for the Basic Transport Canada exam. If you fly in uncontrolled airspace and away from other people, this course is an excellent starting point that will allow you to obtain the first level of certification. This course covers the required knowledge in the area of Air Law, RPAS airframes, power plants, human factors, meteorology, navigation, flight operations, theory of flight and radiotelephony. The course is delivered online, allowing the student to complete the course at their own pace. 

Courses coming soon!



To register, or for more information, contact ConEd@saskpolytech.ca.

About CTS Tek

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CTS Tek is a Canadian Veteran owned and controlled company. Our team has extensive experience operating manned aircraft, sometimes in high threat environments. We hold Airline Transport Pilot Licenses and have vast instructional backgrounds in normal and high-performance aircraft. For over a decade, we have employed RPAS on diverse missions including agricultural and wildlife habitat mapping, infrastructure inspection, data collection and R&D flight testing. We have helped hundreds of people to achieve their Advanced RPAS Pilot certifications, and all of the training that we deliver conforms to the same theoretical and practical standards that are used in military and commercial manned flight training.
For more information, contact info@ctstek.ca