Heavy Equipment and Truck and Transport (Part-time studies)

School of Transportation Applied Certificate

Program Overview

Maximize your career opportunities with the Heavy Equipment and Truck and Transport applied certificate program – you’ll get training in two high-demand trades at once.

The 19-week program is all about practical learning. In addition to classroom learning, you’ll get hands-on learning by working on different types of equipment. On the heavy duty equipment side, you could work on bulldozers, cranes, graders, loaders or earthmovers. On the truck and transport side, you could work on trucks, buses or highway transport vehicles.

Heavy Equipment and Truck and Transport grads are in high demand, with opportunities in urban, rural and remote areas. Boost your earning power and job opportunities even more by pursuing journeyperson’s certification.

The Heavy Equipment and Truck and Transport applied certificate program is also delivered off-campus at regional colleges and through Skills Training programming.

For more information, contact flexible.learning@saskpolytech.ca.

Apprenticeship Credit

Applied certificate programs can give you a head-start on apprenticeship. To learn how to apply your academic credit toward Level 1 of the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician apprenticeship program, contact the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC).

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Brake Systems Air Theory (BRAK-113CE)
Brake Systems Air Shop (BRAK-114CE)
Brake Systems Hydraulic Theory (BRAK-115CE)
Brake Systems Hydraulic Shop (BRAK-116CE)
Electrical Basics Theory (ELCT-102CE)
Electrical Basics Shop (ELCT-103CE)
Environmental Control Systems (HVAC-101CE)
Hydraulic Basics Theory (HYDR-114CE)
Hydraulic Basics Shop (HYDR-115CE)
Essential Job Skills (JOBS-125CE)
Structural Components Theory (MAIN-104CE)
Structural Components Shop (MAIN-105CE)
Trade Mathematics (MATH-169CE)
Steering Systems Theory (STER-102CE)
Steering Systems Shop (STER-103CE)
Basic Tools Theory (TOOL-154CE)
Basic Tools Shop (TOOL-155CE)
Work Experience (WORK-149CE)