Health Care Cook (Part-time studies)

School of Hospitality and Tourism Certificate

Program Overview

Cooks in health care are in demand. The Health Care Cook program is designed to prepare cooks for work in health care settings, such as hospitals, long-term care homes, personal care homes and private care facilities. You will learn how to interact with patients and residents, modify diets to meet specific texture and nutritional requirements related to medical conditions, and work as part of an interdisciplinary team. You will combine hands-on cooking skills with online theoretical knowledge to flexibly gain valuable health care cooking experience.

The Health Care Cook program is an intensive 38-week certificate program offered through Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose Jaw Campus and Prince Albert Campus (15 weeks on campus; 23 weeks online distance blended delivery). You will gain experience in:

  • general cooking skills
  • menu planning
  • nutrition
  • special diets
  • special event planning
  • communication skills
  • kitchen operations
  • safety and sanitation
  • health care systems

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Bakery Production (BAKE-105CE)
Garde Manger (CKNG-103CE)
Breakfast Cooking Fundamentals (CKNG-119CE)
Introduction to Cooking (CKNG-139CE)
Diversity (CLTR-100CE)
Short Order Food Production (FOOD-102CE)
Quantity Food Production (FOOD-103CE)
Quantity Meat Preparation (FOOD-104CE)
Quantity Preparation of Vegetables and Starches (FOOD-105CE)
Quantity Preparation of Soups and Sauces (FOOD-106CE)
Regional and Cultural Foods (FOOD-110CE)
Health Care Operations (HLTH-200CE)
Clinical Nutrition 1 (NUTR-102CE)
Clinical Nutrition 2 (NUTR-103CE)
Nutrition and Healthy Living (NUTR-180CE)
Special Event Planning (PLAN-100CE)
Kitchen Operations in Health Care Settings (PLAN-101CE)
Menu Development (PLAN-179CE)
Professionalism in the Food Service Sector (PROF-101CE)
Safety, Sanitation and WHMIS (SFTY-111CE)