Funeral Director (Part-time studies)

School of Human Services and Community Safety Certificate

Program Overview

The Funeral Director certificate program is delivered by distance learning in cooperation with the Funeral and Cremation Services Council of Saskatchewan. The Council oversees the internships in funeral homes after students have completed the certificate.

The program includes work-integrated learning opportunities through Work Experience 192, which is a general orientation to the funeral services industry, and two practicum opportunities (PRAC 176 and PRAC 278).

The following learning outcomes are integrated into the program:

  • workplace professionalism
  • communication
  • observation and learning in the workplace
  • basic safety training
  • professional ethics

Students will study a variety of courses specific to being a funeral director. If you are a compassionate person interested in helping people, this program can help you develop the skills you need to support individuals who are coping with death, and provide essential services involved in the care of final arrangements for loved ones.

This program is delivered by home study and work experience/practicum placements. The home study, involving print correspondence and online courses, allows you to remain in your home community to do your course work; you are not required to move to take this program, but you may need to travel for exams and work experiences/practicums.

Work experience/practicum placements will take place in both rural and urban locations. Your placement may be in a location outside your home community; therefore, you may incur extra expenses.

All students in the Funeral Director program must also register as students with the Funeral and Cremation Services Council of Saskatchewan (FCSCS). Refer to their website for more information.

With this Funeral Director specialty you will learn how to coordinate and arrange all aspects of funeral services. Your studies will focus on professionalism, leadership, basic psychology, and arranging and directing funeral services.

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Computer Applications for Funeral Services (COAP-178CE)
Written and Oral Communications (COM-101CE)
Interpersonal Communications (COMM-291CE)
Jurisprudence and Ethics (ETHC-184CE)
Arrange Funerals (FNRL-181CE)
Direct Funerals (FNRL-281CE)
Business Practices and Processes in the Funeral Service Industry (FNRL-282CE)
Leadership and Group Dynamics (LEAD-180CE)
Indigenous Studies (NAST-102CE)
Orientation to Funeral Service (ORTN-199CE)
Professionalism (PD-143CE)
Not Available (PR-145CE)
Core Practicum (PRAC-176CE)
Funeral Director Practicum (PRAC-278CE)
Psychology 1 (PSYC-160CE)
Psychology of Grief (PSYC-280CE)
Core Work Experience (WORK-192CE)