Embalmer (Part-time studies)

School of Human Services and Community Safety Certificate

Program Overview

This program is delivered by distance learning in cooperation with the Funeral and Cremation Services Council of Saskatchewan. Students register with the Council before enrolling in Embalmer certificate courses. The Council oversees internships in funeral homes after students have completed the certificate.

The program includes work-integrated learning opportunities through Work Experience 192, which is a general orientation to the funeral services industry, and two practicum opportunities, Core Practicum PRAC 176 and Embalming Practicum PRAC 277.

The following learning outcomes are integrated into the program:

  • workplace professionalism
  • communication
  • observation and learning in the workplace
  • basic safety training
  • professional ethics

Your studies focus on pathophysiology, embalming, restorative arts, communication and professionalism. You will learn how to prepare human remains for funerals and burial. This specialty works together with the practical components in the sixteen-week practicum that are essential to integrating the core concepts with practice. 

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Anatomy and Physiology (APHY-189CE)
Written and Oral Communications (COM-101CE)
Interpersonal Communications (COMM-291CE)
Jurisprudence and Ethics (ETHC-184CE)
Restorative Art (FNRL-180CE)
Embalming 1 (FNRL-182CE)
Embalming 2 (FNRL-183CE)
Leadership and Group Dynamics (LEAD-180CE)
Microbiology for Funeral Services (MICR-185CE)
Indigenous Studies (NAST-102CE)
Orientation to Funeral Service (ORTN-199CE)
Pathophysiology (PATH-186CE)
Professionalism (PD-143CE)
Core Practicum (PRAC-176CE)
Embalming Practicum (PRAC-277CE)
Core Work Experience (WORK-192CE)