Early Childhood Education (Part-time studies)

School of Human Services and Community Safety Diploma

Program Overview

As an early childhood educator, you play a big role in how kids shape their lifelong view of learning. You connect with kids and their families. You use reading, writing, art, music, drama and science to enrich young lives. It’s a big responsibility … and a lot of fun.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic's two-year Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma program is offered on-campus in Saskatoon or Regina, or through regional colleges or through distance learning wherever you live.

It is a highly respected program that integrates the most current research on early childhood education. You’ll build on the knowledge, attitudes and skills you developed in the ECE certificate program, including:

  • administration and child care regulations
  • children with diverse abilities
  • child guidance techniques
  • family and community relationships
  • observation, assessment and documentation
  • play environments and program planning
  • programming for infants, toddlers and school age children

Build Your Confidence and Independence

The ECE diploma program continues where the ECE certificate program left off. Throughout the year, you’ll have opportunities to work independently with children in a variety of child care situations. You’ll also participate in two 6-week practicums in a child care or preschool setting.

Through practical experience, you’ll get the feedback you need to develop best practices, recognize stages of development and understand the impact of environment on behaviour. Saskatoon students will participate in course work at the Early Childhood Demonstration Centre.

Become a Level III ECE

When you graduate, you’re eligible to apply to become a licensed Level III Early Childhood Educator (ECE). If you plan on becoming a child care centre director, you must have your ECE III. If you’re interested in going farther, you’ll be able to transfer some of your credits to the University of Regina’s Bachelor of Education degree program in Elementary Education.

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In order to graduate and receive a credential for this program, part-time students must apply to the program and be admitted before taking the clinicals or practicums. 


Play Environments (ECE-200CE)
Program Planning for Early Childhood Education Programs (ECE-201CE)
Programming for Infants and Toddlers (ECE-202CE)
Anti-Bias Education in Early Childhood (ECE-220CE)
Observation and Assessment (ECE-221CE)
Children with Diverse Abilities 1 (SPSY-279CE)
Children with Diverse Abilities 2 (SPSY-289CE)
Practicum 3 (PRAC-244CE)
Administrative Skills for Early Childhood Educators (ADMN-204CE)
Teamwork Skills (COMM-294CE)
Programming for School Age Children (ECE-226CE)
Child Guidance 2 (HUMD-200CE)
Professionalism in Early Childhood Education (PD-240CE)
Practicum 4 (PRAC-245CE)