Dynamic Web Development (Part-time studies)

School of Information and Communications Technology Advanced Certificate

Program Overview

This program is being replaced with our new Interactive Design and Technology program, but is still available to graduates of the New Media Communications certificate program. It will be suspended effective July 1, 2020. If you need to complete one or more individual courses, contact Kevin Mahlberg at kevin.mahlberg@saskpolytech.ca or 306-659-4691.


Dynamic Web Development is an advanced certificate program. It provides the skill development needed to be proficient in developing sophisticated and interactive Web content.

Building on the skills you developed in the New Media Communications certificate program (in Prince Albert or Regina), you will develop competence in building and implementing dynamically driven websites, online databases, electronic catalogues and e-commerce solutions.

Your studies will include:

  • databases (Access and SQL)
  • operating systems (Windows and Linux)
  • server side scripting (PHP)
  • data driven Web applications
  • data driven Flash applications
  • e-commerce
  • security


  • Part-time studies - the courses are offered regularly throughout the academic year
  • Full-time studies - it is possible to complete all the courses in an academic year

Individuals who plan to take at least one more of the advanced certificates in this area (shown below), in addition to Dynamic Web Development, may wish to consider applying directly to the New Media Communications diploma program.

Digital Graphic Design
Interactive Media Production

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To graduate and receive a credential for this program, part-time students must apply to the program and be admitted before taking any program courses.


Introduction to Microsoft Access 1 (COMP-176CE)
Operating Systems (COMP-200CE)
Introduction to Database Design (COMP-201CE)
Structured Query Language SQL (COMP-202CE)
Server Side Scripting 1 (COMP-204CE)
Server Side Scripting 2 (COMP-205CE)
E-Commerce (COMP-206CE)
Security (CSEC-200CE)
Dynamic Flash Applications (MULT-211CE)
Dynamic Web Project (PROJ-201CE)