Leadership Skills (Part-time studies)

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Program Overview

Leadership skills are in demand in every industry and every sector--construction, health, IT, hospitality, public service, business and more. Sask Polytech's online Leadership Skills program gives you the tools you need to become a successful leader in your field.

The program includes six courses--all offered through online distance learning. You'll join a virtual class and share your learning experience with classmates from coast to coast. The program focuses on building practical skills. You'll use real life case studies and interactive content to learn what makes some leaders so effective and what leadership and management styles work best in different situations.

Develop practical skills in coaching and teambuilding. Come up with solutions to specific situations and challenges. Build your understanding of business structure and financial management. Learn the fundamentals of supervision, including effective communication, working with groups and how to manage change. Apply what you learn on the job right now, or use your skills to grow into supervisory, team leadership and management roles.


All six Leadership Skills courses are accredited by the Canadian Construction Association toward the Gold Seal designation.


The Leadership Skills program may qualify for the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant, which provides employers with funding to train new or existing employees to meet skill requirements for available jobs. See Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant.

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Students do not apply to this program, but take courses part time and apply to graduate (pdf) through Enrolment Services once all courses are completed.


Leadership Principles (LEAD-115)
Coaching and Teambuilding for Leaders (LEAD-116)
Management Principles (MGMT-115)
Business Management (MGMT-116)
Managerial Skills (MGMT-189)
Supervisory Skills (SUPR-115)