Health Information Management (Part-time studies)

School of Health Sciences Diploma

Program Overview

Health Information Management (HIM) professionals connect the worlds of health and data and ensure we accurately tell the health story of each patient. The importance of quality health information to make crucial decisions is ever present for health care professionals and leaders and as we now enter a new world of managing the Covid-19 pandemic we see our entire society dependent on health information to guide many aspects of our daily lives. Our HIM program will prepare you with the skills and knowledge to be at the forefront of managing critical health information.

HIMs work in a variety of settings. They are leaders of healthcare teams and work as practitioners, coordinators or analysts within health authorities, cancer and government agencies. They work as privacy and informatics analysts, in educational settings, and in public health surveillance. This unique skill set can also open doors to roles with police forces, law, insurance and pharmaceutical firms.

Specific competencies that you will develop through the program include:

  • Data collection and coding;
  • Electronic health information management;
  • Information privacy, security and confidentiality;
  • Interpretation and analysis of health data;
  • Access to and protection of health information; and
  • Record and systems management.

Delivery Format

Health Information Management is a nationally accredited two-year diploma program offered in a hybrid model. Theory components of your program will be delivered virtually and you’ll have many opportunities to connect with faculty and other students. You will participate in courses via your computer at a scheduled time of day, and/or pick up the lecture via a video link at your convenience. Your assignments will involve you working at home as individuals or in teams.

The program is designed in a flexible format to allow you to meet your own professional and personal goals. You can join us for a full-time schedule of classes and complete the program in two years, or you can choose a path to complete your studies in three, four, or five years. Our team is there to guide you along your journey and to assist you with designing the course plan that works for you.

Applied Learning

Applied hands-on learning is the cornerstone of Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s vision for education and allows you to hone the skills you’ve learned throughout the HIM program. Our partners in industry are excited to work with and mentor our students and you’ll work on projects with them, gain real world experience and make important industry connections. We work with employers (where you live) to allow you to complete these experiences as part of your studies. At times some travel or a virtual experience is needed, but whenever possible we work with you to create engaging and on-site practice experiences.

Diploma to Degree

Ladder your diploma into the Bachelor of Applied Management degree at Saskatchewan Polytechnic with only two years of additional study. Remote classes and part-time options are available.

Your HIM diploma is a great start in your life-long learning journey and allows you to transfer into a variety of degree programs and to be considered for the graduate studies at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy.

Get More Information

Learn more about this program and career at the Health Information Management (HIM) program virtual information sessions on December 5, 2022, February 28, April 26 and June 19, 2023. These sessions are for anyone interested in learning more about the HIM program and anyone who has applied to the HIM program. Students who are newly accepted into the program are invited to attend a New Student Information Session on May 9, 2023, to learn more about what to expect as a student.

View Program Information

You can join us for a full-time schedule of classes and complete the program in two years (full-time), or you can choose a path to complete your studies in three, four, or five years (part-time). The part-time option is designed in a flexible format to allow you to meet your own professional and personal goals. The program must be completed within five years, and has multiple pathways for full-time and part-time students.

Classes are offered through the core HIM program and through the Arts and Sciences department. Courses offered through the Arts and Sciences department may be offered throughout the year. Students taking the part-time option generally join in with the full-time students but take a reduced courseload. Although the program typically starts the last week in August, both part-time and full-time students can also choose to take classes from the list at the bottom of this page throughout the year.

Out of province students will ideally have their practicums in their home province. It may take up to a year to place out-of-province students in practicum sites in their home province, so early communication is essential.

Students who have not yet applied to the program may take some classes as an unclassified student. You may take the following courses as an unclassified student prior to being accepted into the program:

  • APHY 100
  • APHY 200
  • COMP 179
  • COMP 174
  • COMP 175
  • COMP 176
  • COMM 262
  • ENGL 100 or ENGL 101
  • MED 161

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About accreditation

The Canadian College of Health Information Management sets the accreditation standards for educational institutions offering health information programs in Canada.

Accreditation demonstrates to the public that a program is aligned to industry standards, as identified through the College’s needs assessment and consultation with industry. It is a voluntary, self-regulatory process to recognize those that meet or exceed the standards set for health information education. The purpose of accrediting programs is to ensure continuous quality improvement of the educational content to support the evolving health information industry. 

In order to graduate and receive a credential for this program, part-time students must apply and be admitted to the program before taking CLIN 101 and PATH 272.


Anatomy and Physiology 1 (APHY-100)
Clinical - Records Management and Professionalism (CLIN-101)
Clinical - Coding 1 (CLIN-102)
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 1 (COMP-174)
Introduction to PowerPoint (COMP-179)
Critical Reading and Writing (ENGL-101)
Health Record Systems (HINF-160)
Medical Terminology (MED-161)
Pathophysiology 1 (PATH-161)
Anatomy and Physiology 2 (APHY-200)
Clinical - Coding 2 (CLIN-236)
Clinical - Coding 3 (CLIN-237)
Workplace Communication (COMM-262)
Health Information Analysis 1 (HINF-161)
Pathophysiology 2 (PATH-272)
Pathophysiology 3 (PATH-273)
Health Information Practicum 1 (PRAC-165)
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2 (COMP-175)
Introduction to Microsoft Access 1 (COMP-176)
Database Programming (COSC-262)
Epidemiology and Population Health (HINF-260)
Health Information Analysis 2 (HINF-261)
Health Care Law and Ethics (HINF-262)
Theories and Concepts of Program Management (HINF-264)
Health Information Systems (HINF-265)
Statistics for Health Sciences (STAT-260)
Clinical - Coding 4 (CLIN-288)
Human Resource Management and the Employee (HINF-263)
Health Standards and Informatics (HINF-266)
Health Information Practicum 2 (PRAC-262)