Funeral Service (Part-time studies)

School of Human Services and Community Safety Certificate

Program Overview


This program has been replaced by our new Embalmer and Funeral Director certificates.

Funeral Service is a certificate program. This program is delivered in co-operation with the Funeral and Cremation Services Council of Saskatchewan.

You will study a core component of courses followed by a specialty of embalming or funeral directing, or both. If you are a compassionate person interested in helping people, this program can help you develop the skills you need to support individuals who are coping with death and provide essential services involved in the care of final arrangements for a loved one.


International applicants are not currently considered for admission to this program.

The program is delivered part-time through Continuing Education, by home study and work experience/practicum placements. The home study, involving print correspondence and online courses, allows you to remain in your home community to do your course work; you are not required to move to take this program.

Work experience/practicum placements will take place at rural and urban centres. Your placement may be in a location outside of your home community; therefore, you may incur extra expenses.

All Funeral Service students must register as students with the Funeral and Cremation Services Council of Saskatchewan (FCSCS). The FCSCS student application form and fee information can be printed from the FCSCS website.

Core Program

The core program provides a blend of general academic courses with funeral industry specific courses. You will develop skills and gain knowledge in areas such as:

  • anatomy and physiology
  • computer skills
  • communication skills
  • jurisprudence and ethics
  • acts, bylaws and regulations specific to the funeral industry

The significant healing function that the funeral service provides for the living will be emphasized. Behavioural science courses in psychology, sociology and the psychology of grief will help you develop skills in helping people in a compassionate and respectful manner. Courses such as microbiology, anatomy and physiology will assist you with science essentials.

In addition to the theoretical courses delivered by distance learning, you will participate in an orientation to funeral service workshop and practicum placements in co-operating funeral homes where you will receive hands-on experience integrating core concepts into practice and developing skills and knowledge essential in maintaining integrity in practice.

Upon successfully completing the core courses, you will have the opportunity to complete the Embalmer Specialty as part of the Funeral Service certificate or the Funeral Director Specialty. You may choose to complete both specialties and receive a Funeral Service certificate for each of the specialties. If you decide to complete both specialties, you will be scheduled to take the Embalmer Specialty before you are scheduled to take the Funeral Director Specialty.

Funeral Director Specialty

You will learn how to coordinate and arrange all aspects of funeral services. Your studies will focus on family systems and bookkeeping basics. This specialty ends with an eight-week practicum essential for integrating core concepts with practice.

Embalmer Specialty

Your studies will focus on pathophysiology, embalming and restorative arts. You will learn how to prepare human remains for funerals and burial. This specialty offers the course work together with the practical component in a 16 week practicum essential for integrating core concepts with practice.

Graduation from the program qualifies you to engage in an internship program. Upon successfully completing the internship program, you will write licensing examinations. This license will qualify you to practice in Saskatchewan as a funeral director and/or embalmer.

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Anatomy and Physiology (APHY-189CE)
Desktop Publishing (COAP-171CE)
Written and Oral Communications (COM-101CE)
Interpersonal Communications (COMM-291CE)
Introduction to Microsoft Word and Excel (COMP-172CE)
Introduction to PowerPoint (COMP-179CE)
Jurisprudence and Ethics (ETHC-184CE)
Leadership and Group Dynamics (LEAD-180CE)
Microbiology for Funeral Services (MICR-185CE)
Orientation to Funeral Service (ORTN-199CE)
Professionalism (PD-143CE)
Core Practicum (PRAC-176CE)
Psychology 1 (PSYC-160CE)
Psychology of Grief (PSYC-280CE)
Core Work Experience (WORK-192CE)
Arrange Funerals (FNRL-181CE)
Direct Funerals (FNRL-281CE)
Business Practices and Processes in the Funeral Service Industry (FNRL-282CE)
Customer Service (PR-145CE)
Funeral Director Practicum (PRAC-278CE)
Restorative Art (FNRL-180CE)
Embalming (FNRL-280CE)
Pathophysiology (PATH-186CE)
Embalming Practicum (PRAC-277CE)